How to learn how to dance street dance ?

How to learn how to dance street dance ?
You will need:
  • videos taken from the Internet
  • Personal Trainer
  • room and the music for the independent exercise
# 1

Young people in the world today is about 40% of the total population.Therefore it is very important to proper upbringing, introduction to culture, the right way of life, and of course sport.Most of the young girls and boys are not attracted to anything and are boring and chaotic lifestyle, smoking, drinking, drug use, and so on.Others, on the contrary, have their own interests, among which are a very common dance.Species large dance set, it allows young people make a choice.There are classical dances: waltz, tango, and there are more modern, such as of break - dance.The increasing spread of acquiring the so-called street dance.They are often the subject of expression of feelings, emotions, their ability

# 2

.Street they are called because the most basic component of their improvisation is, in addition, they collected almost all the elements of style and have unlimited

potential.There are several types of dance.The main ones are: Tut, tectonics, Crump.The first main feature is the precision and straightness of movement, hands must always be unfolded, as characterized by sharp movement at a right angle.Tecktonik - a more modern style, you need to feel the rhythm and melody for it.Crump is distinguished by fanciful movements and entertainment expressive facial expressions.So learning how to dance street dance?The answer to this question is simple.First you need to find the videos that explain the basic movements and displayed.The film should not be artistic, and training, especially for novice dancers.You can find it in the internet and in the market of audio - video kiosks.It's not a problem.The hardest thing to learn to dance.

# 3

to full training is important to have your area (room), which will host the training.It is better to sit it will be a small gym equipped with the necessary equipment.Another important element - the music selection.The nature of it will depend on what kind of dance is chosen.There are rhythmic dances, such as the club, and there are quieter (Moon Dance).When the movements need to feel the music and its rhythm.It is recommended to communicate with other dancers, it is better if it will be friends and acquaintances.They will be able to nothing - then teach, show any - new items.But the most important thing - the desire and hard work.Without them there is no point in starting to venture.It is important to note that for a rational and convenient to carry out training needs special clothing.

# 4

Most - this sweat pants, T-shirt or T-shirt, in general fit all that does not restrict movement and does not interfere perform dance elements.Today, all over the world hundreds of thousands of people are addicted to dancing.Often, different contests and competitions among professionals, spectacular show.In addition, the topic of street dance filmed many movies.It should be noted that this type of activity is not only a hobby and pastime.He has coached effect on the body, developing muscles, improves coordination and speed of movement, memory, attention, and much more.Dancing can be compared with the sport in some way, since there are also competitions.From all we can conclude the above, that can learn how to street dance each.And adults should ensure that what they do and are addicted to their children, as young people - our future!