How to improve your handwriting?copperplate hand

How to improve your handwriting?copperplate hand
You will need:
  • desire to improve handwriting
  • pen and piece of paper
# 1

Many believe that it is impossible to change the handwriting, which man has been writing for many years, they say, as inschool has been written, so for life and will be written.However, it is a myth.In fact, if you wish, you can achieve anything, but simply change the handwriting.Calligraphy is just exploring ways to improve handwriting, she finds techniques to make beautiful handwriting.

# 2

To get started is to adjust themselves to the lengthy procedure to improve handwriting, that is a lot of writing.A man writes his entire life, he displays the same letters for decades one way.Naturally, in this situation, writing becomes automated.Fine Motor muscles of the hand remembers how to write letters, so people are able to write quickly, almost without thinking about how they write.But when you want to change the handwriting, the brain will "think" on writing each letter.a lot of time writing process automation and

will take longer to drain the brain, rather than hands.

# 3

help improve handwriting calligraphy courses, but if their visit is not possible, then in the home improvement will not be a problem.For a good start you need to buy a beautiful and pleasant to look at and touch notebook that had a desire to write.You may also want to purchase a convenient handle.Begin to correct handwriting in a simple alphabet letter by letter many times output on paper, trying to align and standardize the spelling.Then go rewriting texts, with any.It is important to pay attention to the written text, but not the content.It will be good not to write off the printed text and beautifully written text calligrapher, trying as much as possible to copy it.On the Internet there are many tips on how to improve handwriting.One of them - use calligraphic alphabet.You can download a picture with calligraphic alphabet, writing methods and compounds of the letters, and successfully practice it at home.Alternatively, you can take a book from his friend or girlfriend who write beautifully, and try to copy this style.

# 4

improve handwriting helps not only calligraphy, brush and development.Various exercises to improve fine motor skills of hands will contribute to improve handwriting.For example, you can knead your hands with the help of Chinese balls, trying to shift in the hands of a coin or a pen (or any other small items).Good develops fine motor skills or kviling molding, knitting, shuffling of beads or small grains, sketch small details in pictures.Ideal for the development of fine motor skills is, of course, playing the keyboard or stringed musical instrument.

# 5

There are a few useful tips for those wishing to improve handwriting.First - it is not necessary to press hard on the handle at the time of writing, it impairs maneuverability.Second, calligraphy training or even to improve the writing is great fountain pen.Third - the more practice, the better.And finally, not bad sometimes write unaccustomed hand for right-handed people the left and left-handed - right.After tortures letter uncomfortable hand, an ordinary letter will be given easier.