How to be cocky and self-confident ?

How to be cocky and self-confident ?
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • Sebelyubie
  • desire
  • great desire
# 1

First of all, it is important not to confuse two such important and something similar conceptsas "insolence and arrogance."As is known, to the brash girls men always have higher interest and undisguised sympathy;but the arrogant, on the contrary, cause only fear, misunderstanding and disrespect.That is why it is important to always feel that thin border, the transition can be a long time to deprive yourself of a valuable and important male attention.However, many gentle ladies have no idea how to be cocky, but very eager to know this unique science.In general, it is not so difficult, the main thing just to revise their views of life and slightly rearranged the usual priorities, and then life will score a new key, bringing joy, positive, good mood and the sea of ​​new acquaintances with representatives of the stronger sex.

# 2

But how to achieve such a great success?In this case, there are several effective methods, whe

re each can choose a charmer - the perfect her character.First of all, it is important to realize that boldness and confidence - these are two inseparable concepts that simply can not exist without each other.That is why, if there is no confidence in their appearance, abilities and inner strength, that of audacity and can not speak.In this case, you must first add the self-confidence, and can be carried out for this purpose in the mirror daily training regarding the superiority or simply learn to take risks in real life.As you know, the ability to get out of a very difficult situation - it is the ability to take risks, which is so proud of confident people.

# 3

When you are confident, then it becomes boldness first satellite.However, when asked how to be daring, there are other vital techniques.So daring - it's kind of prudence that is necessary to be able to find in all the benefits for themselves and deny the people who are on the way to achieving the goal.According to the first rule, it is necessary in all its actions to find something for yourself useful.To date, altruism is not in vogue, so let it remains a lot of "gray mice" and "blue stockings".If for any reason, started business does not give joy, benefits or even positive emotions, we should not "force yourself", and openly declare that this activity is simply not for everyone.Refuse should be confident, but not rude, daring to avoid being confused with rudeness which, as you know, the girl does not paint.

# 4

As to the second rule, there is, first of all, need to learn to communicate with people as they deserve.Some familiar, for example, very much like to impose their views, to deal with unpleasant requests, as well as openly oppress the individual.So: with such "energy vampires" certainly not worth the ceremony, and be able to answer rudeness rudeness, awkward on request - categorical refusal.That's just such actions and allow to generate stable, self-confident person, which is inherent element of audacity and challenge.Again, it bears repeating that never need to stoop to shout insults and abuse, as well, you can become famous "bazaar Baba", but does not meet the definition of a majestic "cheeky person".

# 5

also important never to give in to public opinion, and to have your informed judgment on any topic.The fact that many modern women are not ready to go "against the crowd", so to speak, wanting only to be overlooked.This is fundamentally the wrong approach to his spiritual development as an oppressed person is full of complexes and prejudices, and public opinion will continue to dominate in life.Nobody talks about the ability to fists to defend their position, but not afraid to express their categorical and final opinion shall each charmer.Otherwise, the future society will impose not only a view of life in a particular issue, but her husband, family, children, and fully absorb the once self-confident lady, turning it into a continuous inferiority complex.

# 6

So the ability always to defend their opinion is an eloquent sign of pride, which allows you to go through life easily, without falling under the influence of the masses and the poor people.In addition, this trait should manifest itself in relation to a man, that is not always necessary to be uncomplaining and limp.Each young woman will understand that it is - a full independent personality, which has its own aspirations, reasoning, dreams and desires.Do not prematurely become a shadow of his choices and live his stereotypes, because it still does not appreciate in the future of such victims, and if possible switch his attention to the more daring lady.For example, meeting a man or living with her husband, it is worth remembering that the Patriarchate remained in the distant past, so to be able to argue, to express and to prove his point.

# 7

Talking with your partner or arguing for a particular occasion, need to feel conditional brink of audacity and squabbling, otherwise you can become a "quarrelsome old woman," by which a man one day will want to about the escape, aimlessly.As previously revealed, the audacity - this is a fine line that spectacular young lady can easily turn into an unbearable hysterical.That is why it is not necessary especially to experiment with this condition, and find for themselves the "golden mean", which will be beneficial to allocate from the crowd, as the selfish, self-confidence and a great personality.Such women usually do not suffer from a lack of male attention, always have freedom of choice, and are used to achieve all the goals.The others on a subconscious level feel like a failure because not fully realize their potential in life and live by "foreign orders", so to speak.