How to download human words ?

How to download human words ?
You will need:
  • Word
  • program
# 1

I'm sure many feel a unknown force, which can influence the words on the person who is next.But there are those people who have tried to do this many times, but all attempts were ultimately unsuccessful.However, the impact on the human brain way of speech - a science.This is the question for many years to set different categories of people: businessmen, teachers, doctors, politicians, psychics.In order to understand and know how to upload human words, you need to consider certain techniques.

# 2

Among the methods of human exposure to verbal method can distinguish nlp effect on humans.Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a verbal psychotherapy effect on the human brain, which is not recognized by the academic community as an official direction of this field.It can also be non-verbal behavior, ie,gestures, body movement, etc.Thus, the impact may be exerted on the human memory.Group co-authors developed in the 60s, this informal method of influence on t

he person and his mind.To keep abreast of what is NLP, you can visit relevant seminars and trainings organized by commercial organizations.NLP is also about a lot of talk in the modern books and websites on the Internet.

# 3

examining methods to download human words, we can conclude that this process will not be difficult.Upload a person for many years managed the legal workers, doctors, politicians.Correctly verbally affect a person needs to understand his personality, character and decide how it will be possible to download it properly, it had to act.In psychotherapy, there is the concept of "dominant system."This system refers to a human.In this case, the question of how to influence the person to determine its nature and the way it communicates.People who use the word "listen / I" may perceive auditory information, and those who pronounce the word "look / see," in this case, the person is more inclined to the visual perception.That is, knowing these data, it is possible to understand how the effects start.Also, there are people of action: they are more gesticulate, move.

# 4

affect a person who perceives better auditory perception can be words, there does not matter, the person next to "experimenting" or far.The main thing that it was answered them fully and clearly.Those who are prone to visual perception, may succumb under the influence by means of figures, tables, advertising boards, video and other methods that are available.Users actions easily amenable to the action, if you define their temperament is also appropriate to begin the subject movement.In all cases, the source has to be in a calm state, to nlp effects on human work.It is necessary that all around was as quietly as possible, and the absence of fear, too much important.The impact will be more powerful if the act as an interlocutor, to use the phrase corresponding to its lexicon, as well as acting and gesticulate like him.It is important to remember that "emulate" the interlocutor should be discreetly and professionally, so he did not notice that he was repeating or mock him.