How to learn to think correctly ?

How to learn to think correctly ?
You will need:
  • sober mind
  • Willpower
  • Patience
# 1

first thing you need to find the right solution - is to turn the mind and turn off the emotions.Usually, as soon as you need to solve a problem, one immediately begins to panic inside.These feelings interfere with his thinking, focus, which often leads to wrong decisions.First you need to relax, at least a minute about what not to think, just breathe deeply.During this time the emotions subside, the person can calm down and start thinking calmly problem using only the mind.

# 2

next step, which is to learn to think properly - is to take the paper.It will need to answer three questions.The first question - what is the problem worries at the moment.The second question - why this problem has arisen.The third question - how this problem can be solved.For example, a student has not passed the exam.Usually, it immediately covers the sadness from the fact that he fell, he dropped his hands to retake the subject.This is the wrong approach.H

ere's how to do it.The first question - what is the problem?The problem is that not passed the exam on the first try.The second question - why there is this problem?Because poorly prepared, alarmed.The third question - how to solve the problem?Well prepare to retake.

# 3

Some psychologists, on the contrary, they say that to find a way out of this situation is possible if you learn to trust intuition.Each person has an inner voice that tells you how to act in a given situation.That voice is called intuition, just need to learn to listen to it.Experts say that there are such problems that are very difficult to solve logically.At such times, intuition comes in.You just have to close your eyes, nothing to think, just enjoy the silence.And you can repeat to yourself statements, affirmations such as, "I'll find the right solution."Repeat is necessary several times, until the idea is not to gain a foothold in the head.After that, the solution can come in the most unexpected moment, intuition tells herself.

# 4

If, as a result, the man decided, but it was not good enough for him, do not just get upset.We need to accept this fact, to understand it, analyze it.Man in fact learn from their mistakes.No one is wrong - who does nothing.You just need to take this experience, try to no longer step on the rake, and try another way out of this problem.Importantly, do not be afraid to make these decisions, no one is immune from mistakes.Gradually, these errors will occur less often, and the solutions will not seem so serious, if the time to analyze all of their actions.You can even record in a notebook the problem and the solution to it.

# 5

There are a number of exercises.For example, if a person has to solve a problem, he can try to find a way out with the help of the game.To do this, he must sit in front of the mirror and start talking to each other.Just a statement of the problem, it is desirable in the details.One simply has to speak out.While he is talking about this issue, his reflection, his mind can come back.It is necessary to remember it or write.You can also use this exercise.Just take a piece of paper and a pen, put it into his bag or pocket, and so to walk.Do not need the whole day to think about the problem, just look for the signs should be alert to the possibility that the solution will come quickly, and at a time to get a paper and pen to write it down.

# 6

can, of course, and follow the logic.To do this, write on a piece of the problem, and then to describe all the possible solutions to this problem.Even if the answer will seem silly, you still need to write it.When all the way to be painted should hide this piece of paper somewhere.Then the person is recommended to have a rest, to escape, to watch a movie, take a walk and so on.After that he again has to take that piece of paper and see what he wrote.It is now possible to assess which solution is best solve this problem.

# 7

In principle, the right to think, not difficult, if you constantly practice solving problems.You can read books on psychology, which are painted in detail issues such as learn how to think.You can also read biographies of people who have achieved great heights in life, to see how they solve their problems.Also, perform all the exercises, which have been given above.And, of course, constantly practice the various tasks.Start better with what some non-serious problems, but then, when you need to decide something important, the brain has automatically seek a way out of the situation right, without unnecessary emotions.