As loving parents and live in harmony ?

As loving parents and live in harmony ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Understanding
# 1

between parents and children often have misunderstandings, disagreements, which is why the case of disputes, quarrels and even scandals.But the parents - it's the closest people.Therefore, many dream of living in peace and harmony with their parents.As loving parents and live with them in harmony? The most important thing is respect.Respect the need of all, especially parents.Also, it is important to show them that they are valued.After all, it is very painful and sad when own children are disrespectful, with disdain.

# 2

So, how to love parents should at least, for the donated life, for their understanding, for their willingness to help, they definitely need to thank for all this.It is necessary to show their gratitude in action - helping around the house, in housekeeping, in financial terms, if possible.Also, try to speak more often usual "thank you."It is not so difficult, but priyatno.Roditeli parents always want their children nothing b

ut good.And though their opinion often does not coincide with the views of children, do not argue with them.Instead of wrangling with their parents, you need to listen to them.And in full disagreement is better to say something like: "Thanks for the advice, I will try to follow it."or "I certainly do not doubt your right, but still try to do a little bit different.".

# 3

As loving parents and show them that love?You can do this with gifts.Even an inexpensive gift given from the heart, the soul, can give parents great joy.At least, simply because they will see the desire of the child to make it pleasant, and it will please anyone.It is not necessary to have a lot of money to buy an expensive thing.You can simply print family photos to make them beautiful frames and each write about his love and blagodarnosti.Vse people do not last forever, so do not be offended in vain and angry at each other, especially to those closest to you.We need to try to brighten up and remember every day spent together.And try to make sure that those days were over.