How to learn to rap ?

How to learn to rap ?
You will need:
  • Written text
  • Bit (minus one)
# 1

Read rap dream of almost every teenager, but now people of all ages began to get involved in this direction.Most of them simply dream of becoming a rapper.But it does a lot for a long time to work on his voice and style of performance.In 1969, rap has been brought back to the United States from Jamaica - it was a quick reading of the text to the music in the style of hip-hop.To learn how to rap, you must first select the direction.Their set.Hip-Hop, British Rap, East Coast Rap, Dirty Rap, Foreign Rap, Comedy Rap, Gangsta Rap- is the most basic, the most popular.They all differ in popularity, their culture, the ancestors of performance, character, manner, the execution rate.You must dumate what you sing.The listener will appreciate it in the very first place.Now a great many rap artists.To stand out, you need to have something special.His chip through which to recognized.

# 2

Perform rap, as well as any other music, you need heart.It is

better to write your own text.At first glance, it may seem difficult.But it is worth remembering a few situations from your life or the life stories of their friends, family issues, personal experiences, cry from the heart.Maybe they will inspire the creation of an exclusive track.We should not forget that rap - it rhymed thoughts, way of expression, it is the music opens the soul of man.To write your tracks need inspiration.You can listen to tracks of other popular singers and their hits.Inspiration always will be.

# 3

important component of performance is emotional rap.With emotion and passed the basic idea of ​​the song.The main thing to know exactly what emotion you need to pass it.The listener should feel the music, worry about what is sung about.Then the track will be the most emotional and filled with memorable individual meaning.The song must be dynamic - not to do monotonous song, the listener has to understand where the climax and where the beginning of the melody.You can select the voice key phrases, bring them to the listener's attention.To rap performance it was especially nice to be wanted to listen to over and over again, we must be able to breathe properly.It has long been worked through.If there is no breathing problems, and with the movement of the stage will be easy to understand.You can use gestures to move rhythmically, the main thing that it fits into the theme of the track, which is executed.

# 4

More often necessary to address to the listener, it will be more insightful.And so it will be easier to remember what was the track, key phrases, treatment, and highlights.The main task of the rapper - feel the rhythm and get it clearly.It is also important the correct, accurate and clear pronunciation.This will help ordinary patters.For beginners is better to use the mirror.Several times a day to rehearse different patters at a different pace.You should begin with the most simple, at first it may seem ridiculous, but then they need to gradually increase the difficulty.The main thing that all the words were clear to the listener, regardless of the rapid or slow pace.

# 5

If the text is difficult moments, they need to rehearse in advance, good work.Everything will go wrong at once, you need to train hard and regularly.The main thing is regularity.If you have speech defects, you can hide them, you can not hide.This is a private matter rapper.It can serve as an expression of individuality.The main thing now-remembered by the listener, to make something of their own that special.Particular importance should be given to the descant.Pros guaranteed.Voice raspevki after more confident and will not be quick to sit down.Monitor the voice will be much easier.The sound is more pleasant for the perception of the audience.

# 6

should know that the correct pronunciation is not rap, and rap.And as an aspiring rapper writes that takes the rap, it is a sign of his lack of training and inexperience.Learn the simple rules on how to learn to rap, and you can begin to record their own tracks.

# 7

These are the main rules and basic tips on how to learn to perform a rap.The rapper - is the person who gives people music and his thoughts.Composes text that are part of his soul.And with every song he gives her a piece of his listeners.To become a successful rapper, you certainly have the talent in each song to put a special meaning and be able to convey it to the audience.The main thing - training.They should be held regularly.And remember this is not necessary.Believe in your strength, capabilities and all must succeed.