How to dance lezginka : basic movements in lezginka

How to dance lezginka : basic movements in lezginka
You will need:
  • Music
  • Casual suit
# 1

Dance Highlanders - Lezginka - at first glance, it consists of very complex elements.Many people think that it is impossible to dance to dance.However, if you try, you can achieve a positive result.Of course, if mastered dance adult, then such sharpened movements, like professional dancers, it is difficult to achieve.At the sight of horsemen in traditional costumes dance just want to start, but you need to master the movements of the technique, which is performed Lezgins.There are people who think that they can just repeat the movement lezginka.It creates a so-called illusion - illusion.Joyful and inspired the audience decides to go to dance, but his legs were starting to get confused.To explore all the art lezginka, you can go to workshops in Dagestan (which is the people of this country is attributed to the copyright in the dance), visit dance clubs / groups, where the practice of professional dancers from the North Caucasus, or select a video tutor

ial.Now there are many teachers from Kabardino-Balkaria, Ossetia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Georgia and other countries / regions, to which you can make an appropriate dance lessons, most conductive for Sundays.Agility as the feet and hands, begins with hard training.Of course, this was originally a male dance, but for several years to join the dance graceful female dancers and started to decorate it.

# 2

professional instructor can help to master the movement of the hot dance to the student managed to dance lezginka.Initially, the future will tell the dancer that lezginka rooted in historical beliefs of the peoples of the North Caucasus.During music man part of the image of an eagle swift and fragile girl shows a swan.Dance of the size of 6/8, and its medium-dancing slow and very fast.Businesses have traditionally performed this dance in a very fast pace.If lezginka female dance is slow and the girl mostly gently waving his hands, the male part of the dance is full of rapid and complex movements.This dance was originally performed by warriors, for this reason, increasingly found lezginka in the men's version.But later it was decided that it is possible to dance with a girl who is beautiful and graceful, "addition".This dance is no physical contact between the dancers of different genders.The man, who is an eagle, jumping demonstrates a strong chest.At the same time, the higher the jump, and the deeper the foot traffic at this time, the stronger and more powerful than man.The female part of the dance is that it meets the fluid movements, while it is limited to them.Lezginke girl gives a special charm to the feet lightly and slow hand movements.Exercising should monitor their own posture, t. To. The dance is necessary so that the image was stern and proud.

# 3

Lezginka dances with emotional expression.In addition, the need to add emotion and movement to emphasize the temperament.During the dance partners are looking into each other's eyes, and the girl look slightly embarrassed.During lezginka active man, and there is an impression that the Caucasian handsome man wants to woo the girl of tender.Synchronicity also be present.Movement men and women are different, but they must be the same with each other, especially on an emotional level.Smile - a prerequisite of a hot dance.Movement hand both smooth and sharp.After studying the basic movements lezginka can improvise during the dance, but that does not mean that it should be turned into a break dance or latino.Movement should be appropriate.Caucasian dance Lezginka marks in national dresses and costumes of the North Caucasus, which is very free.It provides easy and does not hinder movement.Choreographers recommended before the start of training lezginka, drink non-carbonated water.Of course, as in any other dance, fat and high-calorie food intake is prohibited (directly in front of the dance).If the crowded dance lezginka stomach, you will feel uncomfortable and will automatically slow motion.If a dancer practicing at home, loose clothing and appropriate music must be provided.It is best to exercise in free space and in front of a large mirror in which to see the movement of feet.In the case of mistakes in the elements, you can work out and bring them to perfection.In case, if you can not play the music you want, then through dance can be split into "one-two-three" and try not to stray from the rhythm.