How to write runes : tips for beginners

How to write runes : tips for beginners
You will need:
  • paper
  • tree
  • parchment or own body
  • coal
  • pencil or natural color (plus brush)
  • tool for cutting wood or knife
# 1

Before you start to find out in detail how to write the runes, you need to remember a few simple principles.First, runes, like the character for concepts rather than sounds.Runes - is a sign of strength, having a special, sacred significance.Therefore, you first need to study in detail and "feel" the meaning of each rune.It is not necessary to read the ancient source - refer to the current literature.Secondly, it is necessary to write the runes on natural materials and natural dyes well.Some authors in the sections of his books devoted to how to activate the runes, it is advised to write their blood.However, doing this is not recommended - because then the rune will be forever associated with the person whose blood was used.

# 2

Now a little about the kinds of runic inscriptions.There are four: runopis, binders runes, emblems and monograms.Runopis - it

is an original formula of the runes, which are written in order to achieve any purpose.Most often runopisi use no more than 3-5 runes, which are written in a certain way in conjunction with the each other.How are the runes, called binders?This is - a kind of "fusion" of the two runes inscribed into one another or twisted in a certain way.Emblem - a type of binding runes, each of which is a new symbol, which is used independently.Finally, the monogram is obtained by recording the person's name in the form of binding runes.By the way, for divination is the most interesting question is just how to draw a rune-monogram and, most importantly, how to interpret them.After all, when writing and activated the monogram can be seen that the formation of new runes - and each of them one way or another affect the character of the monogram of the owner.

# 3

So, how to make runes?How should learning the basics of runic knowledge, you can start a tracing runes right on paper or parchment, or applied to the skin - traditionally - carving runes on a tree.Then it all depends mainly on the skill and precision "runopistsa" - but it is necessary to remember that for all types of runic inscriptions has its own rules.For example, binding rune key rule is to respect the symmetry.Demonstrating respect for the ancient printspam, you can be sure that the runes certainly will act and will bring only benefits.