Pick-up : how to fall in love with a girl for a week?

Pick-up : how to fall in love with a girl for a week?
You will need:
  • Generosity
  • Compliments
  • views
  • Become ideal
  • Listening
# 1

generosity.Fall in love with a girl for a week - is not easy, but doable, especially if you know the rules of the pickup.To interest the girl should show her his generosity, but it does not skimp on the booze, food, then it is to evaluate such gestures, and subsequently will not run away, and the party guy who treated her the other day cocktail.It should also be on the next day after they met to give her a beautiful bouquet, then just all day she will think about a guy with whom she recently met.

# 2

Compliments.If you follow the pick-up instructions: how to fall in love with a girl for a week, it should be at every meeting to talk to her as much as possible of compliments, and they should not be far-fetched, the main thing in this naturalness.If compliments are not to the point, the girl will understand that it is played, and slips off the hook, then neither of which love is not out of the question, it mig

ht even come up with a plan of revenge.Therefore, making another compliment, it is necessary that it was new and not worn out, otherwise you can become a hunter of prey, especially if the girl thinks of pickup: how to seduce a guy and will pay all the tricks against his new friend.And, at the last moment it can expose an idiot guy in public, and from such a disgrace will be difficult to wash off.

# 3

views.All the girls love it when they are seen as something in a special way.Therefore, it is necessary to dismiss the other girls, at least for a time, and look only at his new passion.Most guys do not know how to learn how to pickup and make a lot of mistakes, but the main thing in this case - is not taking his eyes off the girl, then she will understand that the young man in love and will respond to him in return.If you behave in this way, all the time, a girl fall in love in just a few days, as it will feel special and will begin to trust your guy.

# 4

become ideal.Professional seducers to the question of how to become a master pick-up, it is recommended to talk more with the girl and try to make sure that she understood that in front of her ideal guy who meets all her requirements.You can even ask around friends girl about her preferences, then you can easily become her ideal, and she quickly fall in love.

# 5

Listening.Terms of pickup: how to seduce a girl, stipulate that it must be able to listen, even if it carries a nonsense.So she thinks that it is understood, and entrust all its secrets.And possessing such information, you can easily fall in love with a girl for a week, and she did not understand how it happened.Fall in love with a girl for a week is realistic, you just do not make mistakes, then in this game you can come out the winner.