How to recover lost his voice ;Health and Medicine

How to recover lost his voice ;Health and Medicine
You will need:
  • Milk
  • Honey Lemon
  • Cognac
  • cough medicine
# 1

To restore the voice, you need to understand the causes of its disappearance.There are several sources of problems: laryngitis (a complication of colds), physical strain or stress to the ligaments.The second source of the voice loss due to the fact that a person by the nature of their activity using it as a tool - shouts, sings, speaks loudly.This option is important for singers and teachers.Sometimes a strong stressful condition that the person's voice disappeared.How to restore it quickly and safely, this will be discussed below.

# 2

When laryngitis is necessary, first of all, to deal with a flu or acute respiratory disease viruses that caused it, and reduce inflammation in the throat.If the reason for overvoltage ligaments, the restoration of the voice help tools that provide a relaxing, enveloping effect on the body: hot milk and honey.In most cases, the next day a person will feel great relief and will again be abl

e to own this "tool".If the loss of voice due to colds, recommendations should give the doctor.

# 3

It audiologist will help to restore the missing voice in the event of a serious cold.Among the usual destinations doctors are medicines: sprays, lozenges, relieves pain in the throat and warms procedure.But the most important recommendation becomes a saving of vocal cords tension.During this period, prescribed complete rest for this body, that is, one must be silent.Otherwise, complications may occur, which will lead to serious damage to the ligaments, which will affect the volume of the tone of voice.

# 4

For many people, loss of voice - is a serious problem, because for them it is the main working tool.To speed up the recovery, it is necessary to rinse the throat emollients - warm herbal infusions based on camomile or calendula.Among the folk remedies occupies a central place potato couples who want to breathe every day for 10-15 minutes.It effectively reduces inflammation.In order to reduce the recovery time voices are not recommended to smoke and drink coffee, drink alcoholic beverages.They have a stimulating effect, damaging the mucous.

# 5

quickly cope with the loss of voice, which is based on the overvoltage of the vocal cords, help people's prescription.For the preparation of a therapeutic composition of the need to mix 100 grams of cognac (preheated) with three drops of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of flower honey.This cocktail will have soothing and relaxing effect on the organs in the throat when to use it correctly, savoring small portions."Elixir" helps solve the problem for a few hours.

# 6

copes with irritation and dryness, as well as a burning sensation lemon tea - a drink should be warm.The task - to return the voice can be solved by means of vitaminized cocktail that is composed of a mixture of grated carrots and milk.It must be boiled and consumed in the form of heat.It is suitable for both children and adults.The tool can be used as a rinse.All of these methods have been tested by many people who had problems with the voice, and were able to restore this function quickly and without consequences for health.