How to make a decision about divorce ?

How to make a decision about divorce ?
You will need:
  • Mind
  • Leisure
  • psychologist Help
# 1

At the moment, according to statistics, the number of divorce cases is several times the number of registered relationship.Everyone should think about it.

# 2

Most often the main cause of divorce is either domestic violence, and by the husband or his bad habits (alcoholism).In addition, some married couple due to the fact that were not familiar before making such an important decision, just start anew each other to learn, and some traits become so intolerable that the question arises, how to file for divorce.

# 3

However, experts strongly recommend to compare before making such an important decision, which is called the "pros" and "cons."Try to talk with your spouse, explain as much as possible correct all that you are not satisfied with it.Probably, such a conversation would benefit, and the decision about divorce, you will in a few years remember with a smile on his lips.

# 4

On the other hand, some experts and psycholo

gists are also advised to try to come to terms with all the features of your partner.For example, after the wedding, you know that your spouse snores or scatters dirty things around the house.Of course, this can be controlled, on the contrary, in some cases even have to compromise.In this case, deciding to divorce, is at some time postponed.

# 5

However, there are some husbands who at the first convenient moment raise a hand to his chosen.Of course, from a husband you need to run and do not tolerate this kind of violence in the family.The thing is that once raised his hand, will repeat these actions at every opportunity.Just think what will happen in the future, when he will have children.What if he decides to raise his hand on you, when you're in position?Of course, to give a precise answer to this question can not, in this case, you have to take a decision only on their own.