How to renew the passion in a relationship?

How to renew the passion in a relationship?
You will need:
  • interior Change
  • Changing appearance
  • new tactics behavior
  • Candles
# 1

Love, meetings under the moon, fervent recognition and passion often end wedding.Rather, the wedding is just beginning a long and happy life of two lovers.But the years go by, and the whirlwind of passion is gradually replaced by the usual warm family comfort.Many couples who have spent years sleeping in the same bed, not only forget about sex, but about ordinary kiss.How to renew the passion of the former and is it even possible?

# 2

Nine out of ten couples after a few years of life are faced not only with the fact that you do not want sex, but also to the fact that it becomes mundane and monotonous.Yes, passion passes, but encouraged by the fact that marriage does not need to think about how to distinguish between love and lust.It is necessary to act and to maintain the proper level as one component of marriage, and second.

# 3

regain the passion, of course, difficult.To this we must prepa

re.It will take more than one week or even a month.First things first, you need to make in a relationship that is called "breath of fresh air."This applies to everything that surrounds the couple.For example, you can start with the bedroom: to change the color scheme of the bedroom, to buy new bedding, put around the bed fresh flowers and scented candles.This will help in how to regain the passion.

# 4

necessary to look at the bedroom quite a different angle.Let the five summer this place is a cozy nest.From now on, it will become a den of debauchery.To draw attention to the husband, you also need to change.Dye your hair or make a new hairstyle, you can experiment even with the Trimmed or temporary tattoos on intimate areas.This will help not only in how to win a passion, but also how to show passion.

# 5

The third step is the most difficult.After all the preparations necessary to start to take decisive action.From now on, you must not meet her husband in the home dressing-gown, and all the weapons.The main thing, if in the eyes of her husband read a surprise or confusion, should be aware of their new role, and in any case do not go astray.Only desire and perseverance will present how to bring the passion of a man, with whom is no longer one-year sleep in the same bed.

# 6

Finally I want to draw attention to the fact that is proven by psychologists.If a long time to simulate some feelings, then eventually they will become reality.There is no single universal method of how to bring passion, but there are many small steps that are sure to bear fruit.In the case of passions the most important - is to practice and experiment.