How to punish her ​​husband for his offense ?

How to punish her ​​husband for his offense ?
You will need:
  • minor mischief
  • Treason
  • Care home
  • Bummer
  • Shame
  • Car
# 1

minor mischief.If the husband is greatly offended, then it should certainly be punished, and you can do it, so that he did not think about it, and thought, on the unlucky coincidence.To punish her husband may be making him some small mischief.For example, you can pour into his morning coffee laxative or dissolved in it Viagra tablet is a pity that it will be impossible to see it in all its glory, when these drugs will act.

# 2

car Corruption.Reflecting on how to punish her husband for the offense may be hit by its very sore point, namely cause any damage to his car, and this can be a scratch on the hood, and, three sheets to the broken windshield.Only need to do everything so that my husband did not guess who did it just another scandal can not be avoided, which is extremely undesirable.

# 3

Bummer.Thinking over how to survive the insult, should do something to the offender has experienced the hard way

what a pain.You can adjust until you get bored husband oblomno different situation.For example, you can take time off for domestic duties because of the illness and to come home from work later than usual, with a wild headache.Then the husband will do all the housework, and bring drugs and it can be drank for the sluggishness.

# 4

Shame.On the Internet you can find lots of information on how to learn to forgive offenses, but because revenge is so sweet, so forgiveness is possible and wait.In the meantime, you can take revenge on her husband, his disgrace at all honest people.You can, for example, when people say its not too outstanding manhood or leave on his desk a few magazines that are commonly read with gay men.

# 5

Treason.Not knowing how to deal with resentment at her husband should be to hit him a painful, but it changed him better with his best friend.Of course, if he finds out about it, the relationship will end, but if they do not mean anything, then the way to finish off her husband completely, especially if you throw him before he left that he was in bed a complete zero, not what his friend.

# 6

leave home.Psychologists on the question of how to teach a lesson to the guy behind the offense, it is advised to leave the house, then maybe he will understand his mistake and will not do that anymore.Only in this case it is not necessary to give at once, you need to get him to apologize several times, that he realized that his wife badly injured his actions, and was much more careful from now on.When choosing a punishment for her husband, it is very important not to go too far, otherwise the relationship will end, and it is not always the best solution, if the couple love each other.