How to learn to pickup a girl ?

How to learn to pickup a girl ?
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# 1

What attracts men?Someone will say: beautiful appearance, but appearance - not the main thing, it's just a wrapper.Quite often you can see the girl, beautiful, but cold and inaccessible, and much more, there are girls - is not beautiful - pursued by fans ... I want to tell you how to learn pickup girl

# 2

secret of this inner beautysimple - it is confidence.Before we get acquainted with the representatives of the stronger sex, say: you love yourself?Are you satisfied with your outward appearance?Love yourself!Repeat: "I'm fine" or simply accept, as given its appeal.Men feel no pheromones, they feel confident.

# 3

Here you see a young man to begin to scroll to the mind's eye something frivolous (it will add shine to your eyes).Then take a look at him.Some men like a direct open look, some prefer to shy maiden glancing sideways - it all depends on your character.Pickup - not necessarily an aggressive form of seduction - master pickup can

and gentle Turgenev girl.

# 4

Remember, psychologists have found that the optimal view for pickup must last no more and no less than 7 seconds (see longer - he will think that you are imposing, less - that he did not like you) .takhow, become a guru pickup?

# 5

How to master the pick-up? The first glance you attract his attention.He looked at you interested?You can move to action, or to give him a chance to take the lead.

# 6

In the first case - start a conversation.Come and ask anything from "what time?"to "you can get to know you?".The main thing - your voice and opinion.Soft, gentle voice (men are more receptive to a low tone, but some prefer soft iridescent votes) slowly say any phrase.Look him in the eye and smile.At this point in the chosen one for sure wake up the hunter instinct, as you play along.Well, if you did not wake up?Let's go look for another.

# 7

If you are less lively young lady - guy sostroyte eyes.Flirty smile, if you hesitate at all - pretend you do not smile at him, and just go down the street smiling.I assure you, your lovely smile will attract the attention of more than one young man.

# 8

How to return the pick-up girl will not be difficult for the self-confident young man.Try to take into account the particular character of the girl.For example, become inaccessible if she likes the guys hard, or vice versa.Be of good cheer!