How to move objects with his mind ?

How to move objects with his mind ?
You will need:
  • Perseverance
  • Spiritual development
  • Meditation
  • needle
  • sheet of paper
  • lids from bottles
# 1

heard about people who move objects ondistance?This ability is known as telekinesis.If you give freedom of imagination, the telekinesis seems very useful skill, especially if you use it wisely.However, to the possession of telekinesis has brought some significant benefits, takes years and years of training, because it has the ability to not everyone.But to learn to move the power of thought a small light objects - is that we are quite capable.Let's try!

# 2

First of all, people who have the ability of telekinesis (of course, if they have not received this gift at birth), - people, highly developed and rich spiritually.So your first step on the way to the ability to move objects at a distance should be the spiritual development.For example, you can go on the path of yoga schools, but keep in mind that yoga - is not only a physical exercise, it is primarily a spiritual prac

tice, to impose a series of restrictions and assuming strict fasting and meditation.

# 3

If spiritual development you have everything in order, proceed directly to the development of telekinetic skills.To properly exercise you need total concentration.Practice the skill of concentration every free minute.Here you will come in handy and meditation, you are well mastered, if not neglected the advice from the previous step.The easiest way to meditate in silence or quietly under special music.Focus your gaze on a point in space and get rid of all the thoughts in my head.Learn to make a rotational movement of the head, not taking his eyes off the point.After the turn, select for two points and go look for another one.

# 4

next step - is the movement of emptiness.This will require you to abstract good skills.Concentrate your attention on a point in space and imagine that move emptiness.Your body at the same time should be relaxed, but you can move your hands.

# 5

When comfortable with the movement of the void, you can take an easy thing.For example, a small piece of paper bend so as to obtain a right angle, and put it on the bend a needle stuck into the cap from the bottle (or any other object of fixing).Place the design on the level of your eyes is 2-3 meters away.Now you have to imagine and feel as on your solar plexus hand held power like lightning.Join hands at chest level - palms should repel each other, as the like poles of the magnet.Now direct hands on the paper and the power of directed energy, try to shoot it down with a needle.

# 6

When you get it, you can assume that h mastered the basics of telekinesis and continue training with other middle-sized light objects.