How to get acquainted with the girl : tips Casanova

How to get acquainted with the girl : tips Casanova
You will need:
  • Calm
  • Commitment
# 1

How often do you come across such a situation, they saw a beautiful girl in the street and could not come and talk to her?I think that quite often, considering that nowadays all used to communicate through various internet chat rooms and on the phone.In order to prevent this from happening again, we'll show you how to get acquainted with the girl.

# 2

Firstly, all the master pickup claim that a woman can start flirting before you meet.Moreover, flirting can be a great way to explore.Also, do not think that it will be your right.It is necessary to establish a limit for yourself and wait for the right moment to the next step.The first conversation with her not to worry, say you need to ease, as if you've met your friend.

# 3

When communicating with a girl you need less to tell her about himself, but more to ask her questions.Most importantly, do not just skip past the ears of all, she says, and memorable.It eventually will play in your favor whe

n you, for example, buy her her favorite flowers.If she will question you, then you need not to lie and not much exaggerated, so as not to cause irritation.

# 4

must also constantly monitor the way she behaved.Constantly should maintain eye contact with her, but at the same time do not put pressure on her with his eyes.If a girl has reduced the distance between you, you should also begin to take action.Tap lightly on her shoulder or arm to entrap her.If all goes well, then be sure to take her phone number or just arrange a meeting.These tips on how to succeed you should definitely help.

# 5

If you did not get to meet a female, then it's time to look for advice on how to change lives.; You can be sure one hundred percent that girls like secured guys who have a lot of things in life.Many of them are not even deterred that a man can be a spouse, and they actively listen to all the advice on how to captivate an adult married man.

# 6

These are the basic tips on how to be happy, as many people know that happiness in the girls.Most important in this is that it can not just be your companion for life and give you happiness and hanging out, but also to change you for the better, which in turn, is a very big plus.The main thing is that you do want to have these serious changes.