How to dance a striptease : achieve the desired result

How to dance a striptease : achieve the desired result
You will need:
  • Confidence
  • Attire
  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Fantasy
# 1

confidence.To diversify your sex life, many couples decide to experiment.A very vivid impression could be striptease by a woman to her partner.To achieve the desired effect from a single viewer, the girl will need self-confidence.In so doing, it will help to advance the acquired dance skills, and unlearning composition.Before striptease dance, you need to relax and try to forget about the imperfections of their own figures.We need to love your body and feed it to the best advantage.Smooth and beautiful movements help the woman mentally immerse themselves in dance and not feel embarrassment.

# 2

Striptease not always mean total nudity in dance.Shy girl can stay in their underwear on the condition that it will be elegant and seductive.Underwear should not look any too vulgar or too chaste.It should not hamper movement.Before striptease show, you need to very carefully choose the clothes while dancing will be easier to r

emove.To strip was really fun for men is put on as much as possible the number of items of clothing, for example, gas scarf, socks with lace belt.All elements must be in harmony with each other and do not have a complicated and hard buckles.

# 3

Before striptease at home is to choose the most appropriate piece of music, under which a woman can fulfill pre-movement unlearning and then improvise freely.It would be the best tune with a growing rhythm.It is necessary to consider in advance whether this dance is romantic and gentle or energetic and passionate.Depending on the level corresponding to the music selected.

# 4

To create an intimate atmosphere in the room, you need to think about the proper lighting.Before dance striptease guy, you need to prepare the lamps, lamp, candles.Hardly conventional lighting suitable for this evening.If the farm no interesting light fixtures, you can find a way out with the help of multi-colored draperies, fencing chandelier or sconces.Soft shades of translucent fabric of the original will change the familiar surroundings and create the right mood in the room.

# 5

Any woman while dancing with an exposure can look stunning if to show imagination.Knowing that such a strip like to learn how to perform and imagine your body in the best angles, a girl, in addition to the standard movements, can bring in his speech many original details that will never leave the viewer indifferent.This may be a game with the details - a fan, a semi-transparent veil, a peacock feather.Effectively will look on the body exposes the seductive women sticker tattoo.The main thing is to dance learned by rote and did not look too bland.