How do you get a man to marry ?

How do you get a man to marry ?
You will need:
  • Conceive
  • get acquainted with his family
  • introduced him to his family
  • Hold a man in good shape
  • Share his interests and outlook on life
# 1

What would the women spoke, each of them wants to eventually get married and acquire the status of a wife, and not to be a friend or a lover.However, many men are not in a hurry to burden themselves with family relationships.And to get them married, will need very good arguments.On them will be further discussed.

# 2

One of the ways to get a man to marry a pregnancy.Anyone held, an adult and a normal man is unlikely to want their child to grow up without a father.This will cause it to take a decision about marriage.But if you do this is not yet ready, it is better to try other methods.

# 3

Meet the family of her lover, and see how he behaves with his mother.If the relationship between trust and warm, try to borrow it for yourself style of behavior.But most importantly - try to please her.Be sure to bring your man in his fa

mily, so he looked at your family relations and traditions.The Chosen One has to make friends with your family.

# 4

If you live together, make his life comfortable.It should be all cooked, cleaned, washed and ironed.Having lived in this environment for some time, you can try to press: or a wedding, or parting.Not every man is willing to lose the comfort that you could provide it.

# 5

Do not let the man relax.He must see that may lose you.You need to generate interest in other men and in every way to show it to his elect.If he is sure that you will not go away from it, it is unlikely to force him to legitimize your relationship.How to persuade a guy to marry in other ways?Try to share his interests, outlook on life and values.

# 6

If a man will be interesting to talk with you, it can encourage him to marry.Demonstrate to him that you can own and without assistance to support themselves.Men usually quickly lost interest in the helpless women.If your partner will understand that parting with it, you can do without it, and life does not change, it can also be an incentive to marriage.