As always in a good mood : the best advice

As always in a good mood : the best advice
You will need:
  • Good mood
  • Wellness
# 1

A positive attitude is the key to a successful day.Good mood - a true assistant in solving any issue: the device to work, the success of a business meeting, the signing of important contracts, etc. There is no better way to position yourself for the person than a smile...But always be smiling and happy, given the grayness of everyday life, is quite difficult.How to be always in a good mood, deal with anger, sadness, anguish and despondency?In order to always attract the surrounding his smile quite a few simple rules and truths often can remember.It happens that people come up with my own problems and difficulties.This is due to the fact that there is a type of people who simply just enjoy being miserable.

# 2

venting aggression on others, these people are happy for a while, but then the situation is repeated.Others have to be "dull" is considered quite a natural and commonplace, it is something like everyday hobby.These people are quite happy wi

th everything, they like the routine life, and the meaning of life becomes a search for people who could blame all their troubles.But only one of them can (and some do not want to) understand that all their troubles and depression blame themselves and nobody else.Each person decides what to do, with whom to communicate, in no mood to come, what priorities are set for life.Of course, a good mood contributes to good physical condition of the person.

# 3

The frantic pace of life is not always possible to give a dream put seven or eight hours, but you need to sleep at least once a week (one weekend).It is equally important to eat right and balanced so as not to feel any discomfort on the part of his body or, worse yet, do not waste precious time going to doctors.The second important point to create (or save) a good mood is considered appearance.No worry about the unknown stains on the coat, badly ironed jacket vybivsheysya strands of hair or unpeeled shoes, give confidence, and allow to focus on more important things.

# 4

«The smile will brighten all!".Smile as often as possible is necessary.An open and sincere smile of a people to himself, with a friendly person more likely to go on contact.In addition, people in a good mood is less prone to aggression, the people around him.As the foundation of positive mood is laid behavior in society.Do not the old days on envy.Envy pretty bad feeling, destroying the love of others.Jealous, focuses on compassion for his own "I", which leads to selfishness, which promotes the development of negative emotions.Getting rid of gossip too much important.Every spoken word can result in negative events and spoil "a barrel of honey."

# 5

As you know, thoughts are the material nature.If you think about the good, the good definitely happen.Each man is the master of his thoughts, and decides how and what to think, and hence subdue emotions will not be difficult.Do not pay attention to detail.Often, getting stuck, people make a big deal out of the blue.And their Dumka themselves spoil your mood.Of course, to create a good mood is not so difficult, but how to be in a good mood, if it is lost or events of the day does not please?In this case too it is necessary to stock up on a few rules.Sometimes a man angry, annoyed not quite clear to him the reasons.To get rid of this kind of negativity, find the source of irritation is enough to try.

# 6

When the reason becomes clear and understandable, all the anger goes away by itself, and a surge of negative emotions begins to subside.If it so happened that circumstances force to communicate with someone who can be an irritant or a catalyst for spoiled the mood, you should resort to simple psychological acceptance.It is enough to imagine a stone wall or some other structure that closes (Separating) source imminent irritation.It works on the subconscious and not spoil any mood, any nerves.In a bad mood it is best to focus on pleasant, pleasing details.Sometimes a rainbow in the sky is able to outweigh a whole load of hatred and anger, and smiling stranger child, arouse feelings of sincere joy and happiness.

# 7

Discouragement - sin.It is not necessary to be upset for a long time because of the failure.We need to take what happened as a reality, analyze the situation and move on.The more one thinks about the failures, the more their self and draws.In addition, self-pity is not the best way out of depression.It is best not to let anger go in life.That is why you can try to prevent surges of negative emotion and rage flash.It is necessary to give a rest.It is advisable to spend leisure time away from family and familiar places.Change the situation very well affect the development of positive emotions.

# 8

exception of the social circle of people, from which comes a film that constantly dissatisfied with something, criticize anyone who is not so looks or walks, as well as possible impact on the vitality and kindness thoughts and actions.Changing the type of activity is not less useful, well, choose the type of recreation, places, companies depend on the personal preferences, goals and desires.Probably the most important rule to remember when rises in a bad mood is the fact that pay for such like.Smile inherent mirror effect: it is necessary to smile, as immediately a smile will appear in the response.And the main thing - the most vicious words lose their power, bumping into joy, happiness and kindness.