How to praise himself ?

How to praise himself ?
You will need:
  • Mirror
  • Paper and pen
  • 5 free minutes in the morning and evening
  • attention to yourself
# 1

Remember how long have you been doing yourself a sincere compliment?And when ecstatically admired his reflection in the mirror or recklessly winked at him?If you can not remember anything like that, deep within your subconscious sat down hard inner critic that destroys your self-esteem and preventing your success.It is time to put an end to it - learn to praise and approve of yourself!

# 2

habit samoodobreniyu produced people who were brought up in the harsh criticism, is not easy.Most likely, at first you will forget to do yourself compliments and exercises suggested below may seem silly and childish stunt.It is necessary to make an effort and to overcome this internal resistance - it's worth it.Start with traditional exercises in front of a mirror.

# 3

every morning, looking at his reflection, do yourself a compliment at least 5-7 minutes.Do not be afraid to go too far:

if you do have a question, how to praise themselves, immodesty and self-righteousness will not threaten!Standing in front of the mirror, take a good look in their eyes.Not taking his eyes, ears tell reflection of how attractive he looks.

# 4

not get off duty "look great!" Formulate compliments as specifically as possible.Praise eyes, hair, skin, smile, special expression of the eyes, a dimple in his chin, etc.Praising the appearance, proceed to the inner qualities.Admire his wit, kindness, professionalism, sociability, outlook, soft and determination, get a positive as much as possible.

# 5

At first it will be difficult to do, especially out loud, but do not let that stop, you will soon get used!Get rule: Reward yourself with a kind word for everyone, it's a tiny achievement.They took a pail of garbage, made a run, discreet and not rude boss?Be sure to tell yourself: "Ah yes, I, Well done!"

# 6

first to celebrate their success will automatically be difficult, therefore, psychologists, explaining how to praise themselves, advise every night to write their own little victory (at least 3-5 daily) on a piece of paper and encourage yourself for each inseparately.Get "Honor List".Write down on paper, at least 50 of your great successes starting from infancy, and 20 positive traits that can be proud of.

# 7

Carry this list with you and how often you can look into it.Start the "Money Box compliments."Whenever you get praise from others, write it down on paper and immerse in a piggy bank.Periodically shake the papers and read them aloud to himself, with a look.

# 8

Weekly Reward yourself for the biggest win and achieve special gifts, holiday, in that it can give you pleasure and that is usually not enough time.Never scold yourself.Never!Even if you make a mistake, think about what you have learned in this situation, how to avoid such blunders in the future and praise myself for resistance and endurance.