How to fall in love with guy look ?

How to fall in love with guy look ?
You will need:
  • attractive and desirable man
  • self confidence
  • sparkling and seductive eyes
  • Women's trick
# 1

Every woman has the ability to seduce men onelook.It does not matter what color her eyes are green, blue or brown.All you need is to learn how to manage their own facial expressions faces, eyes able to express passion, interest, frustration and boredom.Before we get to the charm of the men, it is important to carefully prepare.

# 2

first step in preparation is to turn their eyes to the source from which it is impossible to look away.To do this, of course, used to see women's funds - the shadows, ink, pencil.You can apply shimmering and brilliant shade, the eye corner to put a small flickering star or other special decoration for centuries.If the eyes are blue, you can use blue ink.

# 3

to know how to fall in love Man look, it is important to remember, make-up should be careful: no eyelashes stuck together, in which clumps of mascara or deep-drawing shadows, rolled up i

n the heat.If you want to fall in love with Man it look, the eyes should be bright and attractive themselves in the face.This does not mean that there will be no remaining cosmetics.The main thing is no bright lipstick and blush thick.

# 4

It should work out at home in front of a mirror.Do this for as long as a woman does not feel that it is ready to fall in on itself.Only honed skills and self-confidence can help it achieve this goal.At first sight, thrown on a man should not be open to express interest, rather indifference and boredom.

# 5

Every time is delayed for a certain part of the male body: lips, eyes, hands, and other available in the field of view.A man must be sure to notice it!To answer the question of how to fall in love look is of interest to the man of her persona.Make something that he began to seek the views of the intersection and looked curiously at her.

# 6

example, passing by "accidentally" bump bag and gentle whisper, "I'm sorry."Further, all glances must be longer: sideways, askance, with slightly narrowed eyes.Eyebrows should be maximally involved in the process of seduction: to soar upward arch.Do not forget about the classic shooting eyes, eyes, calling to flirt, which gives permission to explore and calling for dialogue.