How to train after the break ?

How to train after the break ?
You will need:
  • Time
  • Gym
# 1

Unfortunately, in every person's life may be such circumstances that make stop physical training, or completely change the way of life.However, it should be borne in mind that the motion - an essential condition to achieve a beautiful shape and good health, therefore it is necessary to renew the sport as soon as possible and not be afraid to start training after the break.

# 2

should perform a variety of exercises, number of repetitions and to reduce to a minimum.That is better to make 8 different movements in 3 sets than 3 exercises in 8 approaches.That's enough to muscle, and "shaken" bundle, otherwise the pain in the tissues will not allow to fully engage in the next time.The pauses between sessions should be 1-2 days, so that the body has had time to recover.

# 3

When answering the question about what kind of a break between workouts can be maximized, it is impossible to determine the exact time, because each person is different.However, in any c

ase, it is not necessary to load the body too.It is necessary to perform 1-2 exercises per muscle group, and restrict the number of repetitions to 6-10.With each subsequent occupation should increase the intensity and duration of movements.The main principle - to use all parts of the body, but do not overwork.

# 4

Start training after a break should be gradual and aimed at a return to the bygone indicators.However, it is not necessary to rush too - you can not bring themselves to the limit of physical abilities.In this case, the recovery process will be delayed even further.It is necessary to start physical training with a warm-up, consisting of the basic movements of the limbs and body casing to reduce the chance of injury.It is necessary to "warm up" the ligaments and make the muscles more elastic, then the exercise will be carried out very easily and effectively.There is also a workout you can carry them a short jogging, squats, jumps and jumps on the spot.

# 5

noteworthy that breaks in training - a good opportunity to change your usual technique of exercise, learn new moves and improve the old records.Many experienced athletic trainers say that it will take a period of less than 2 times for the full recovery of the body than the period of time when there were no classes.