How to become a feminine and delicate ?

You will need:
  • strong desire to awaken a woman
  • little free time to work on a
  • Notebook for recording all of their success
  • Willpower and persistence
# 1

at all times, in the eyes of men, women appreciated his gentleness, tenderness, femininity, the ability to understand, forgive and support in difficult situations.But today, more and more difficult to consider these qualities in the modern woman.To learn how to be feminine and delicate, written entire volumes of scientific psychological literature, which safely gathering dust on the shelves of bookstores.But to wake a woman is not so difficult, because all of this is provided by nature itself.First you need to set yourself a clear goal and change every day to do at least one tiny little step towards achieving your goal.A successful outcome of and admiration for the beloved will not keep you waiting long.The first thing to do is buy a nice book or notebook that will be called "Book of success."

# 2

This magical book should be divided

into two parts, first of all made on a daily basis, even the smallest pleasures that happened that day, and for that you need to thank the universe.For example, I got up this morning and saw the sun had time to do exercises and take a douche, missed the bus, made a compliment, read your favorite book and so on. D. After a few days, you can only wonder how did not notice it before.A sort of a mindset to positive.But in the second part of the notebook, you need to write your goal, in this case, "I am a feminine, gentle and happy."And this goal is necessary to write at least 20 times on a daily basis, thereby customizing your subconscious mind for success and change.Incidentally, this method can be used in achieving any purpose, and it really works.

# 3

In order to understand them.We begin to change the appearance.It is hard to imagine a woman in the form of "pretty darling girl," delicate and feminine.Therefore, this woman should always remind cat, affectionate, gentle, graceful.Particular attention should be paid to the image, hair, wardrobe, make-up the appropriate tender.All movements, gait, facial expression, conversation and laughter should confirm feminine.First, it is very difficult to control their speech, movement, facial expression, but, as we are assured doctors and psychologists, to get used to his new, needed only three weeks (21 days).At the expiration of this period, life will change colors, and can remind yourself of the former only old photos from the family album.So that each representative of a female is able to write a book called "How to be feminine."

# 4

No less important role on the road to womanhood, plays the ability to behave in society.This feminine and delicate ladies, should be soft, good-natured, diplomatic.It is strictly forbidden to use in his speech rude or abusive words.Also, a refined woman does not become rude, insulting or verbally humiliate another person, even if he deserved it, and.Much better would be to adhere to the rules to meet the rude good-natured smile, thereby disarming the interlocutor.Do not listen to the educated woman, and even more so to be a writer, vulgar jokes and anecdotes.And in general, feminine and gentle woman should be refined, highly moral, tactful, have a good taste and generosity.

# 5

To all these traits to develop in themselves, there is a very good exercise.From today, the attitude of all occurring in the way people, regardless of social status, financial situation and age, must be respectful, polite and friendly.It is logical to assume that in response to such an attitude the world will respond in kind.If you enjoy this exercise and will become a habit, the gray everyday life immediately acquire a positive and bright paint.It's nice when a forgotten minibus will give way, colleagues say a compliment, or just smile at passers-by.All these pleasant things definitely need to add to the success of the notebook.When discouragement and sadness creep up, you need to open a book and read a couple of pages from the "unexpected guests" will be over.

# 6

also worth thinking about why women among the lucky, not all of them are holders of model appearance.And it is true.To be feminine and refined not have to be a beauty.It is necessary due to the nature of what is given, and everything else you can finish itself.Surrounded by every woman can find dozens of these, which do not have a perfect figure, beautiful facial features, but for some reason they are attracted male attention his tenderness and femininity.If a woman has the art of tenderness, affection, love and femininity, that no man would look in it traces of classical beauty.The most important thing is not a candy wrapper on the candy, but what is inside.Most likely, these women choose a man as his wife, because in the background of their inner beauty fades any external beauty.

# 7

woman should always keep in mind its a matter of fact, the vocation and role on this earth.Most often, a woman is compared with a flower and a symbol of beauty and tenderness.This should be remembered always, everywhere and in every situation.Even taking out the trash, the woman should look at all 100% and all kind to prove their point.This is necessary to be always, even staying alone with yourself you need to remember and assert: "I - a woman."Beautiful graceful gait, stylish hair, delicate makeup and manicure, tastefully chosen clothes, small comfortable heel, light scarf around the neck, a small handbag in her hand, gentle little perceptible smile on his face - that is all that is necessary for the journey to womanhood.Have a good trip!