How to come up with a puzzle for your child?

How to come up with a puzzle for your child?
You will need:
  • idea
  • Knowledge of the basic techniques of drawing up puzzles
# 1

There are several basic methods of drawing puzzles.There is no need to "reinvent the wheel": everything has been thought out to you!Choose among them those that like most, think of an interesting story, and - voila!- An interesting puzzle will pridumana.Zapyatye.This is - the most popular way to point out the hidden word or phrase.The point is simple: next to the picture (before or after) portrayed more commas.They indicate the number of letters that you want to remove from the beginning or end of a word, shown via pictures.If the image is located to the right of one or several letters, which means that they must be added to the resulting word or fragment thereof.

# 2

But to show that in the word you want to replace one letter to another, you need to cross out the unnecessary and represent beside it necessary.You can also put the sign between the two letters ravenstva.Otlichny option, create puzzle, wher

e otgadka is a phrase or sentence - show prepositions with the arrow (to, from, over, under ...).You can draw over by drawing a horizontal arrow pointing to the left.This would mean that the resulting word to be read backwards.For example, if the penultimate stage will turn the word "cat", the correct answer is the word "current".You can also use in the preparation of figures puzzles.

# 3

For example, the amended order numbers suggests that getting the word you need to change some places letter.Uncrossed number indicates which letter in the word you want to remove to get a response.But the most important rule is to come up with a puzzle for a child - to articulate the job.That is, you should immediately point out what should be the result ( "Guess the word", "Guess the saying" and the like).The above techniques can be combined with each other, but do not get carried away, otherwise you can create something so threatening that it will not be able to solve even the adult, not to mention the children.And, of course, you need to think only simple words and phrases that the child knows.