How to seduce your eyes?

How to seduce your eyes?
You will need:
  • Couple men
  • own charm
  • ability to present themselves
  • Patience and attention
  • Beautiful eyes and seductive smile
# 1

Before proceeding with seductionlook man, it should be noted that neither view is not able to captivate a man, if in addition to eye the rest of the women neuhozheny and unattractive.Even if udavshegosya on seduction at a glance of the experiment, a cursory examination of the man all the other parts of the body immediately lead to the opposite effect.

# 2

Based on the preceding paragraph, every woman should give herself up from head to toe.Her clothes should not only be in perfect condition, but also conform to the selected mission - to emphasize its dignity, hide flaws and create a form of a beautiful seductress.

# 3

The focus, of course, should be paid to that part of the body, through which it is planned and seduction - eyes.To know how to excite the eye, it should be remembered that this eye should be bright and stand out clearly on his face:

thick eyelashes dyed, forever marked shadows, emphasizing the color of the eyes, the contours are outlined with a pencil, and careful eyebrows.

# 4

But do not forget that this is only an exemplary makeup.It depends on the shape of eye lashes pomp, and other factors.Some women do not need so many cosmetics, you just a little mascara to her eyes sparkled.Makeup should not be vulgar, coated with a thick layer.It should be light, airy, making her eyes huge and lovely.

# 5

Before proceeding with the seduction of the coveted men should test their strength on another object of the strong half of mankind.Only in the case of a successful experiment took place, you are ready to seduction.Those who do not know how to seduce the eye, it should be remembered that in the beginning you need to choose a good location.

# 6

convenient to sit down, taking a position of the body, which felt looseness and comfort, the person should be located so that when the cast look at the man, not every time they turn around.The first glance at him, should be studying.Like the woman he had just seen and viewed with interest.

# 7

Become should not be more than a few seconds, followed by a look away, he turned his attention to something more interesting.The next step should be viewing it from under his brows, for example, by slowly sipping a cocktail.Every glance in the direction the man should be fleeting and slightly narrowed eyes.