How to decide on a divorce : psychological advice

How to decide on a divorce : psychological advice
You will need:
  • desire to divorce
  • Calm
  • Sobriety mind
  • sheet of paper
# 1

most important thing - is to realize that the divorce should take the wife (orone of them).So, what to ask the advice of friends, girlfriends or relatives at least wrong.After all, surely few people know all about family problems, and to understand the situation does not always work.Therefore, the opinions of others in any way should not affect the final decision.It would be wrong if the fate of the spouses decides to hand a person who does not know much.

# 2

Thinking about how to decide on a divorce, you need to understand whether there is a sense of a spouse.After all, if there is to be love, then we can try to do everything to save the marriage.Strong feelings can change people.And if love is long gone, and there was only a habit, it is likely to continue to collect the pieces is not necessary.Nothing good will come of it.Many spouses, trying to keep the family together for the sake of the child (or for an

ything else) over the years to understand that life is lived in vain.

# 3

In addition, before figuring out how to make a divorce, it is important to think about what awaits after the break.What will give divorce?Will both parents happy?Will they be able to live without each other?Very often it happens that people get divorced, but then again, create a family, they just can not live without each other.If one spouse expects the gap of freedom and happiness, it is not necessary to persuade him.

# 4

can sit down, take a pen and a sheet of paper and write on it all the pros and cons of a divorce.This should be done in a calm state, forgetting about past grievances and quarrels.It is important to soberly assess the situation and to think in advance.If the divorce will give nothing but disappointment and loss, is it worth it?But if it was found that after the break everything will be fine, you should not continue to think as a result of this analysis.We need to act, and to sever relations.

# 5

In addition, before learning how to apply for a divorce, you need to find out the main reasons why it was decided to destroy marriage.If they are not too substantial, it may be worth putting up with some little things, or try to change something in a relationship or in a partner.It is necessary to understand a simple truth: there are no couples who do not fight and do not have differences.If compelling reason, then you need to get divorced.

# 6

important to soberly assess their force and detach finally rose-colored glasses.So, some people mistakenly believe that the partner will change, and all will be adjusted.But is it?After all, if the spouse promises to stop change for 5 years, but from it still smells strange spirits, can we believe?No.Nothing has changed, and will continue further.No matter how it hurts, but it is the truth, even bitter.

# 7

And finally, before you figure out how to get a divorce, you need to understand for themselves what personal happiness should not be removed on the back burner.You have to think about yourself, nobody else will.It is important to find out: whether there is a good life, if the divorce would not be?No?Then there is no point in continuing to live on together.It is understood that if not managed in this time, that is the person who will bring the long-awaited happiness!So why deny yourself this?