How to make the most runes out of clay ?

You will need:
  • Clay
  • dry place to dry the product
  • ring stove, frying pan, a pot (or a similar dome-shaped object) and sand for firing
  • Paints, brushes and other art supplies
# 1

It is difficult to answer the question "How to make the most runes", because to choose the most suitable material can only be based on our own experience.If the choice is made in favor of clay, first of all, you must understand where it can be found: Finished briquettes are sold in art shops.If laziness is large or climatic conditions do not have to clay deposits - the best option, however, deprives the final creation of a certain degree of individuality.Dry mixes.Such powders are sold in large batches, of which water is produced by adding the clay.

# 2

Finding natural places of occurrence.There will have to dig, but first - look.Clay can be located on the slopes of hills, quarries, and other low-lying areas with high humidity.To find them is not always easy, but in this case, the material will be more fully

absorb the energy created.When the form is ready for the future product, it is desirable to clean the workpiece wet brush or sponge to smooth the surface.When you need to expose them to natural drying process.After 8 days important future rune leave to dry at room temperature.

# 3

Two or three days blanks are dried on a radiator.Important!The product is desirable to cover the polyethylene with little access to air in order to avoid the accumulation of condensate.Once it becomes a solid, polyethylene can be removed.Once hardened, you can start firing.In the pan even layer of sand is poured, and then it is placed and finished goods are covered pot (cast iron, for example - that they will withstand the high temperatures).The temperature rises gradually.First half an hour to install the minimum heat, and only then, after 5-6 hours, the temperature should be maximized.

# 4

Important!Preparations need to cool completely before using.It begins the most interesting process, during which there will be answers to the questions as to charge the runes and how to apply runes.During coloring (as is done with acrylics, gouache or tempera), it is important to make contact with each symbol.After it will be much easier to understand how to work with the runes.And working with them through the interpretation of ancient symbols that were given to men by the gods.

# 5

There are several runic traditions, and in any case will have to start to read at least a few books to yourself to understand how to read runes and decrypt decomposed.There are two main ways - the balance on one rune and three.In the first case, the questioner gets a more precise answer (which, however, did not give a detailed description), in the second picture will be more beautiful and you can practice in the interpretation of the occult world.It is important to realize that this article - only the first step, and there are only general guidelines to get you started.