How do you know a boy likes me or not ?

How do you know a boy likes me or not ?
You will need:
  • observation
  • intuition
  • objectivity
  • optimism
  • common sense
# 1

Any heterosexual representative female since childhood, read a lot of fairy tales about princes andprincesses, mentally begins to draw his own love story where the protagonists are already she and her choice.everything is perfect in these dreams.But later, in adolescence, having met the right man in all respects, at the sight of which the heart contracts with joy, she thinks.Will Is this something worthwhile?whether their feelings are mutual - or have to suffer the agony of a broken heart?

# 2

answer to the question: how do you know a boy likes you or not?- The girl who still has little idea about love, seen as something akin to the laws of Mathematics.This inexperienced lady can and common courtesy, and a manifestation of the friendly take care of the very real feelings.Especially when she craves male attention and participation!The main thing here - yet to learn how to hold back, not going on about th

e emotions, and to be an objective observer.After all, the behavior of people in love have some common features.

# 3

To learn how to see the signs of sincere location to the person, do not need any special training.To answer the question: how do you know what you like boys, quite well enough to study one single thing - sign language and body.Whatever a man tried to hide his likes and dislikes, his facial expressions, movements, eyes can give his true feelings with his head.However, you should always do a discount on the character of a young man and certainly based on this assess how it is similar to a lover.

# 4

One of the first signs of genuine sympathy for a certain girl - changing behavior guy in her presence.In this sense, it will not be too different from males of other species of living beings who are striving to show themselves in the best interest of their females.But if the main driving force for this behavior in animals is only the instinct of reproduction, in the case of a person may be, and love, and is just sympathy, or all together.By the way, do not know a lot about love young kid, eager to prove to be "cool", often at the same time look very funny and stupid.

# 5

It is worth to watch and the direction of gaze of the young man.If he breathes unevenly to the girl, even in good company and interesting work busy it will periodically glancing at her, and then tries to look her straight in the eye.As if trying to read in them the answer to the unspoken question: is there any chance that he and she are together?However, it happens in a different way.Shy guy soon, will look away when your favorite look in his direction.But psychologists have almost unanimously repeat: have a man in love in the presence of the object of his feelings pupils dilate.But a quick, sliding on the girl look - studies and sympathy is not relevant.

# 6

lot of things about the relation of man to woman can tell his gestures.If it is not indifferent, then subconsciously tries to show his desire to become closer.Expresses this will in an attempt to touch a girl, touch her, to break the boundaries of her "comfort zone".So those who say that if the boy pulls the girl's pigtails - a measure of its more than a positive attitude to it - not too far from the truth.Also, a man in love unwittingly replicates movements and gestures of the lady of his heart if it turns into a mirror.Notice it can and complete strangers.

# 7

However, there is still no exact recipe in determining the sincere feelings representative of the male sex.Where it comes to such delicate matters as sympathy or even love, common to all the recommendations do not exist.The main thing for women in a situation where it is necessary to understand how much interest it guy - listen to your own intuition.Do not indulge in wishful thinking, namely, to try to assess the situation objectively.And always remember that if it does not work, he - not the last man on earth.And not even the best.Any woman will sooner or later get a chance to meet "her" man - the one who sincerely love.