As a cause of inspiration?

As a cause of inspiration?
You will need:
  • mood
  • Muse
  • Easy
# 1

We are accustomed to thinking that inspiration only comes when he wants, that is very rare.I hasten to disagree with such conclusions.Great people compared with inspiration "capricious guest," who does not like to visit lazy.So, all in your hands, you need to constantly try to yourself, do not despair and go to the cherished goal.

# 2

But, on the other hand it turns out not so simple.Not many people know and think about how to bring inspiration.What you can do it yourself, or even to call for yourself inspiration maybe just when needed.Inspiration can be called a phase of creative insight.When we decide to create something, we can not help themselves to carry out the following steps.

# 3

gather information.We generate ideas.It was at this point to us "down" inspiration.The next step may be slightly delayed.We cherish our ideas, ponder them, so to speak digest.Then select the most suitable and favorite version of the idea.And, finally, begin t

o work with it, implement and translate into reality.

# 4

Since encourage inspiration?You do not need to arrange any ceremonies with candles and dancing with tambourines.Suffice it to recall a time when you have something really good at it, and life energy was on the rise.Try to restore it to the condition, drop the negative emotions and plunge into a state of joy and lightness.

# 5

you can think for yourself a ritual before the start of the creative process.Some take a hot bath, some brews fragrant tea, and someone washing dishes or brushing boots.This ritual helps to gather his thoughts and concentrate.Then gather information and begin work on the above-described algorithm of actions.

# 6

Some people are easier to work with when they are doing something for someone.Get yourself such an inspiring muse, and all the time to work, let's muse this promise mentally, well, if you do not hesitate, we can promise out loud what you are doing it for her (or him).And no less important condition is the rejection of the expectations of inspiration.It's a love that suddenly was coming when it did not expect.