How to develop the gift of clairvoyance ?

How to develop the gift of clairvoyance ?
You will need:
  • chair or bed
  • Photos
  • room with a cozy atmosphere
# 1

Now, alas, there was a lot of various charlatans who, posing as a miraclehealers are able to not only help people in difficult situations, how to help disembowel their wallets.And, of course, it would be great if everyone could, at least a little, to develop the psychic abilities.For example, clairvoyance.

# 2

necessary to determine the method that is called "eye work."It is necessary to get in a comfortable chair bed silt.It is important that you do not distract, that no one interfered.It is necessary to turn off the phone, turn off the lights, TV, radio, etc.It is necessary to close your eyes and in such a relaxed supine position.

# 3

How to develop a gift?It is necessary, closing his eyes as if to look up and down.Not so much straining your eyes as mentally.So do 10-15 times without strong tension.Now we can add motion to the left and right.After obrisovyvaniya eye circles, rotating eyeballs, you have to lo

ok from side to side, in front of him, inward and then back.This exercise allows a better feel, your body, your eyes.

# 4

necessary after the exercise for some time to be alone, lying in a chair or bed with your eyes closed.Through this exercise the brain reserves get a great massage, which will help to develop the region of the "third eye."These reserves are necessary for clairvoyance.So you need to regularly perform this exercise.

# 5

How to develop the gift of clairvoyance?You can use the photos for a better workout.For example, take a photo someone you know, put in front of you and try to consider its appearance in detail.It is necessary to close one's eyes from time to time, to visually recreate his image in memory.The more detailed it is, the better.

# 6

This exercise takes place in a calm state, without haste or fuss.It is necessary to ask a question that you need to get an answer.For example, where a certain person has recovered tonight on business?One should try to listen to the inner voice.How do I open the gift of clairvoyance with this exercise?

# 7

It is necessary to implement it in a few days, by 4 or more, with about half an hour of time-seed pictures and asking questions.Then, at a meeting, ask a friend the same question that you asked the inner voice.Try to compare his answer with the response of the internal voice.