How to comment on the photo of the girl ?

How to comment on the photo of the girl ?
You will need:
  • computer
  • Internet
  • good fantasy
  • rich vocabulary
# 1

Before you wonder how to comment on the photo of a girl, you need to decide howthe aim will be left this comment?Easy Flirt?Just liking?Or is the hope of being seen to invite to a meeting soon?Whatever it was, but a compliment to be refined and unbanal.

# 2

so as to comment on the photo of the girl, which is very like it, which I would like to start a relationship or invite a rendezvous?This comment should be modest, but meaningful.Understandable, but refined.For example, you can tell the girl that she is fresh and sweet on the photo.It is also recommended to pay attention to any part of her image.For example, on the dress.She flattered such care.

# 3

if it's just flirting and plans for visits not, you can leave a general comment.For example, you can recall the girl about what she is beautiful.It checked that even a very beautiful girl needs constant confirmation of its beauty from the mouths of men.

# 4

But these general tips.How to catch the girl?How to stand out from the crowd?So, you can come up with a light and humorous quatrain in her honor, which will be told not just about her beauty but also about what it is sweet, kind, intelligent and the most unusual.The girl will be flattered by such originality.It is possible that she will not disregard such a nice thing to do.

# 5

But what can not be done?Picture comments must not contain obscene or vulgar phrases.It is impossible to show disregard for the girl or disrespect.Also, do not need to put your comment Woman in an awkward position, because this record will be visible not only to her but also to many other people.

# 6

Regarding the comment size, it is better to leave a concise, but not too short messages.Excessively long record makes doubt the adequacy of the sender.Also, you do not need to cut, but even more so to use slang or jargon.Comments must be written correctly, with punctuation marks.

# 7

possible, and the use of humor, but in any case not sarcasm or irony.However, light and good humor she will certainly appreciate.So should look like a comment under the photo you like a girl.Time to surprise and conquer those who like it.