How to learn to be rude ?

How to learn to be rude ?
You will need:
  • Vocabulary
  • The belief that it is necessary
  • Possession theatrical skills and humor
# 1

rectilinear rudeness, used in response to such actions isthe definition of an external point of pain, which affects what people proud.External pain point may be how people look, what to wear, how to treat your child, what has made at work, etc.Demonstrating in verbal form to the neglect of these values, and to include in it the words, clearly showing disrespect to the man You can easily achieve their ambitions.

# 2

This action is based on the fact that everyone wants to be recognized, and does not tolerate criticism of others.Form submission rough showing clear superiority.Refined and exquisite rudeness, derision is achieved with the use of sarcasm or humor.How to learn to be rude in a refined form without special training science is not aware of belittling.

# 3

For this kind of discourtesy You will need to have quotations of famous characters that you show inconsistency of ma

n, but at the time of the utterance of speech he did not feel.This form must be accompanied by rudeness izdevochnoy smile and gestures show how your opponent for you is not an authority.

# 4

example phrase belittling what any quality and maintenance of quote such as "you only for death to send good" can mean not only that you specify on the human sluggishness, but also the fact that you have it for a long time, "sent"would be far away, but you like to mock him.How rude guy is a special case of the general rules and is a simple action.Young and old boys are proud of, in principle, the same things, and have no labor it is to disrespect.

# 5

is sufficient to point out their sexual deficiencies with money problems or dissed their car is instantly lead male companion to the confusion and resentment, perhaps that is not clearly manifest.Before you use the instructions as directed on mutual inclusion remember the rule, which is clearly manifested in the total dependence of people from each other and which states that it makes no sense to desire another that would not be the person to receive it yourself!