How to find classmates ?

How to find classmates ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Computer
# 1

meeting classmates - this is a very exciting event.After so many years have passed since graduation.Many dispersed in all directions, have matured, but in his heart remained young.

# 2

How to find classmates, to start searching?You can search through the classified ads in newspapers, on radio, on television, through the police, but it is absolutely extreme case.Let's not complicate things, and try to find easier ways.Internet now available almost everywhere, even in the most remote corners of the Earth.Here we use the wide possibilities of the web.Referring to the best-known portals for communication and exchange of information.The most popular today are social networks.For example, "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "My World" and other sites.registration and procedures in networks is not complicated and is almost the same everywhere.

# 3

consider friends search procedure on the example of a site "Odnoklassniki".Site name speaks for itself and the

chances of finding the one who are looking for much more than anywhere else.We connect to the Internet and go through a browser or a special application for mobile devices odnoklassniki the login screen select "Register".In the special fields, enter the name, country, city, telephone.Next, write your username or e-mail and password.Push the button "Register".After registration, a notice will come to the mailbox to which you want to follow the link to complete the registration on the network.It is recommended to remember, and it is better to write e-mail, login, if any, and the password to log on to your page.

# 4

The next step is filling in the questionnaire.In the "About me" you must enter data about schools, other educational institutions, which studied, select the release date.As a supplement, you can tell us about yourself, about your life, interests, hobbies, in short, everything that I would like to tell your friends.It is important to place your photos on the network over the years.Remarkably, if the school kept the pictures where there classmates.It is useful to add family photos.For ease of placement and viewing photos there is a function of creating thematic albums.Also the photos is not superfluous to place their work, if any.

# 5

course, no need to fill out in detail all the graphs, it is voluntary.You can immediately begin to search for signing up, but the chance of finding each other in a huge network of much more if you do not take the time and fill in the form properly.After all, it happens that find classmates through relatives, friends, interests, when they are shown.Let's not be lazy and fill your page with love.

# 6

So, all filled, start looking.On any site is bound to have the search string.In social networks, usually, it is called "People".Enter the name of the name of the person, which are looking for.Right immediately falls a list of criteria on which the search is conducted individual.In the list you can choose the age, gender, location, school, military unit, school, marital status, which significantly narrows the search boundaries.Let's try not to think a standard and look, for example, for groups.And, you can put an ad on the search in their status.We use all the features offered by the site.

# 7

Do not despair, if you search in the "Classmates" returned no results.Try your luck in the "My World" in the registering, we fill out a profile and looking again.Search functions in the "My World" about the same as in the "Classmates".Try to look at "Facebook", "VKontakte".A search operation is the same people.As in other networks.If both are not found, we continue to search.Not so long ago there was a search engine "Pervoiskatel" on the Internet.The system does not require registration and is free.You can search by name, surname, patronymic, according to the school.In short, the possibilities for what to find a classmate, a great many.And it happens that suddenly met a man who so persistently and long sought, in the city, in the yard or perhaps in the subway or in a bakery.On top of that during the search, you can find a lot of friends, expand circle of friends and who knows, maybe radically change their lives.Miracles do happen.

# 8

world is great, but still too small.Life is short and precious each meeting.Meet, talk and do not forget your friends.After all, the most valuable thing in the world - is the man.