What is the social rehabilitation of the family ?

What is the social rehabilitation of the family ?
You will need:
  • social rehabilitation
  • consultation with members of the family
# 1

first stage of rehabilitation identifies a family in which there is a particular feature of social pathology.The source of information are relatives, neighbors, local policeman, Clerk PDN, pre-school staff, educational, medical and other institutions, the council of regional self-government in the public department, which inform a specialist in management of social work in the presence of family social problems.Next to these workers to collect and study the information.

# 2

On the basis of this information about a dysfunctional family, social rehabilitation involves the formation of family rehabilitation program, or even the creation of a family genogram (family tree).The multidisciplinary team - a group of people with complementary skills together institutions and organizations that are beginning to develop and implement a program for the rehabilitation of each individual dysfunctional family.Its staff

visit the family, with the purpose of acquaintance with her social status.

# 3

This familiarity with the household, the material conditions of the family, to investigate the cause of trouble, consult with all members of the family.Finally, after the consent of the family to assist them in the social sphere begins cooperation with the aim of changing their social status.The social rehabilitation of families rehabilitated members of the family may constantly occur as with the whole team together and separately with its experts.

# 4

The curator coordinates the activities of the team and its connection with the family, designed for comprehensive rehabilitation measures, for further analysis, evaluation and adjustment of the plan of integrated action for the improvement of their wards.The team is to create a systematic means of technology, which will allow the maximum possible use of each structure involved in the work.Primordial positive attitude from laying in family members by social workers a sense of confidence in a positive outcome of the problem and is a chance for a new turn in life ...