How to win a girl's heart : the first kiss

How to win a girl
You will need:
  • boy
  • girl
# 1

At least once in life, each had such a wonderful feeling, like love.Probably the first time this anxious feeling there is more to the tender age of kindergarten.The boys begin to like girls, and girls - boys.But very often children do not meet the reciprocity on the subject of their liking.Therefore, coming home, they try to learn from their parents how to win the heart of a girl or a boy.

# 2

All parents need to talk with your child as an adult.Advised him to give the girl her most favorite toy.Such self-sacrifice does not go unnoticed.In an extreme case, let the boy treat candy girl (of course, the best chocolate).As they get older it remains relevant question is how to achieve the hearts of the girls?

# 3

But we can give some advice how to do it: You have to be confident.Prove that you can rely on.Follow him.Show that a person with humor and jokes are always successful and to the point.Girls love romantic: to give gifts to her.But life has to seek

and men, not just women.Given that now fashionable to make alliances horoscope, several recommendations as an example of how to win the heart of male fish.

# 4

That a man of this sign is very complicated.But most of all appreciate this sign of understanding.Usually fish love everything mystical, so express interest in his hobby and be mysterious.Men born under the sign of the fish, is very sensitive and vulnerable.So you need to be gentle, but freedom-loving.This will drive a partner mad.But, however, it is possible to give general recommendations on how to seize the hearts of men.

# 5

To begin to behave as a man to understand.Being close to the elect, can not always be the same.Continuing to surprise him be affectionate and tender, and the proud and unapproachable.Never at the stage of development of relations not show jealousy and not arrange hysterics.Of course, take care of yourself.And there is good expression: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.Feed it delicious.But it is impossible to give specific instructions on how to melt the heart of a man.

# 6

where every woman must bring to bear all of its charms, charm and ability to reason.Just remember that men, unlike women who love the ears, the eyes of love.And it is very suitable expression that meet on clothes.Therefore, to emphasize their beauty makeup light, use a French perfume, make a stunning hairstyle, wear a sexy dress, high-heeled shoes and all-male all your guts.