How to determine the compatibility of the partners ?

How to determine the compatibility of the partners ?
You will need:
  • developed intuition
  • Similar
  • life values ​​common interests
# 1

Throughout life, each of us is constantly enters into a relationship with people.With some of them we will deal very briefly or intermittently, with the other - a long time.Partnerships are being established in different areas of life: personal, intimate, business.A positive partnership brings to our lives a sense of emotional comfort.Conversely, if partnerships are negative, then there is a feeling of dissatisfaction.

# 2

compatibility problem stems from the need to be around a long time and interact, preventing difficulties in the relationship.The question of whether, how to determine the compatibility of partners - the oldest and the most pressing question of psychology.The first impulse of the compatibility we get at the physical level: at the first meeting the person is perceived on a subconscious level (appearance, odor).In the process of human cognition we are aware of our psychological compatibil

ity - the commonality of views and priorities in life.Sexual compatibility ensures mutual satisfaction of the partners from an intimate relationship.

# 3

The business partners will work is no less important than personal otnosheniyah.Ved often successful enterprise is in decline due to the fact that the partners who own businesses, have not found a common language.Therefore, when deciding on how to find a business partner, it is important to proceed from the following principles: 1. Goals, chief among which is the development of a common enterprise, and the similarity of views on the company's development strategy.2. Life values ​​that define the commonality of views on the realities of life, provide the business activity of each of the partners and equal responsibility for the common cause.3. Equality of partners in the financial position and experience in this area.

# 4

order not to regret later on the poor choice, it is important to decide how to check the compatibility of partners.Compatibility must be considered in all life forms, ranging from physiology and finishing features of the world.A more harmonious relations develop in pairs, where one complements the other type (eg., Sanguine and melancholic).Good compatibility of couples, similar in lifestyle, with common interests.

# 5

Anyone who wants to become the only way for her lover, wondering how to give pleasure to the partner.Do not hesitate to exercise the imagination, looseness.Prelude - an important process in sex, and must be active both partners, because foreplay love both women and men.A small dose of spontaneity, change positions, role-playing games give a special piquancy intimate relations.

# 6

Doubts allegiance poison life.There are quite a few ways to solve the problem, how to check the partner of allegiance.Drawing attention to some signs, it can be concluded unfaithful partner.Evidence, evidence of this are manifested in the behavior of the second half (less is at home, moving away from the family), and in appearance (a biased attitude to their appearance).In order to test fit quiz.When unexpected issues traitor stumbles and fumbles.

# 7

A good choice of partner is very significant in my life.It defines the financial situation, career, personal happiness and health.