Women's revenge : how to take revenge on the man for the offense ?

You will need:
  • Contempt
  • Little pranks
  • weak point
  • Waste
# 1

contempt and indifference.If a man is hurt, and resentment in my heart settled on it, then you need to take revenge on him, and a variety of ways you can use for this.The simplest and most effective way to take revenge on the man - is quietly kill him their contempt and indifference.It takes cool and permanent stay in a bad mood.It is important that the offender knew what he had done and asked for forgiveness, the more so for a long time he would not stand such torture.

# 2

Little pranks.Wondering how to take revenge on the man for the offense, you can use the little pranks.For example, you can put a fat scratch on his car, his dirty business suit or add a laxative tea.; In any case, the day will be ruined, and if to do such nasty things on a daily basis, it will be possible not to think about how to get rid of the feeling of resentment at the man, as it will pass quickly, to be replaced on a good mood, because the shame

and the bad mood of her husband, will belook quite funny.The main thing to do everything with the mind, that the man did not guess who it adjusts a little trouble.

# 3

weaknesses.To get back at the man for the offense, as can be painful, it is necessary to find his most sensitive spot and strike.Then, seeing his suffering and pain, the question of how to overcome the resentment will disappear by itself.Better, of course, do all the other hands, so he did not know anything about the man who hurt him, unless, of course, not necessary that the husband was aware of.

# 4

Treason.Revenge can be a man, changing him better with his best friend.By doing so, you can systematically cuckold husband, and thus laugh behind his back.However, knowing how to show the offense can be from time to time wisely allude to him about the possibility of the existence of a lover.; If the offense is strangling too much, it will be possible to shout in his face that he is not a man, as his friend knows how to make a woman happy.These words are permanently knock out of his rut, he may even begin to doubt in their men's abilities, and it will not be long relationships with women for this reason.

# 5

spend.Many women do not know how to respond to insult and make all sorts of nonsense, uttering a man what he is bad, but it came to nothing lead.It is better to do everything with the mind, namely, to please yourself an expensive new clothes, men usually do not like such waste, and of course, her husband will be very unhappy, especially if the purchase is not one.Resentment is a desire to take revenge, but it should be done properly in order not to be alone with their feelings and pain.