How to fall in love with a guy correspondence : Lessons flirting

How to fall in love with a guy correspondence : Lessons flirting
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • desire to please
# 1

Before some modern girls often the question arises: how to fall in love with a guy correspondence.Now it is no surprise, because the young people are increasingly familiar not on the street or in the park, namely the World Wide Web.Perhaps, in reality, not every girl can easily go up to a guy and talk about feelings for him.However, we must understand that we should not try to fall in love with a Man in the absence of really serious intentions towards him.That's pretty cruel, besides meaningless.Such an attempt could result in a success that will lead to the emergence of relationship with a guy.

# 2

Moreover, young people may be so severe that even make an offer.That's why you need to think a hundred times, so such actions if necessary, if there are no big feelings for the guy.Sometimes girls just want to have some fun, raising their self-esteem through communication network.However, when the girl's intentions really serious, b

ecause much like the guy, then you need to learn how to hook up a guy correspondence.It is worth noting that if we talk about online correspondence, it is almost pointless to think about true love.At best a guy can only wait for love.

# 3

And there it was not due to the fact that people talk for a long time and know a lot about each other, so that really aware of what they want to be together forever.In the Internet typically fall only into the image, and it is often depicted only in the human mind on the basis of the facts which he had learned in the course of correspondence.There is no guarantee that he simply did not come up.If a guy starts to fill up with compliments and nice words, it does not mean that he is head over heels in love with and for life.It may be that he was simply too eloquent and practiced, practicing a girl macho skills.

# 4

However, there is another option, as he quite frankly expresses his emotions and says nice compliments.However, it still should not be given selflessly feelings for this young man.It's just a way of thought up by us.You should always remember that communication in the network - this is just an ordinary flirtation, which should not expect anything special.And certainly do not need to rely on love to the grave.People in the network simply seeking to enjoy such conversations, and sometimes want to play on the feelings of someone else.That is why it is very often that Love, which appeared in the course of correspondence, brings only great disappointment with a broken heart.

# 5

should not unconditionally trust the words that are written on the Internet, no one knows what a person thinks at the time of writing, and they say his eyes.In addition, there is another important point, which all have heard, but somehow not even taken seriously.The point is that often a person in the network behaves not as in ordinary life.That is why, having decided to fall in love with a Man, to think, do not have to if then disappointed.It is important not to delay the meeting much in the real world.Only thus can avoid the situation, if at the time there was a correspondence in love, but in real life he was not at all the way was coined.So there are a number of rules that help to fall in love with a guy correspondence.

# 6

Firstly, you need to write live posts to create intriguing images that engage interlocutor.It is necessary to analyze all the words in a letter received in response, to learn a little young man.Secondly, it is desirable to write error-free, well-order sentences.This creates the image of a competent person, which is interesting to communicate.Third, when writing messages need to try a little ahead of their answers.In other words, each of the following messages should communicate with the past.No one likes it when a person jumps from thought to thought in different sentences.Fourth, you need to write about what you care about and do not hide feelings.Correspondence also is not psychic.In other words, the guy you need to understand, at least a hint that he likes the girl, because he did not think about.

# 7

In addition, with respect to feelings and intuition girls significantly outperform young men.One should always remember that.Fifthly, it is advisable not to delay responses.While pause are sometimes necessary.With them you can get the guy a little bit worried, waiting for an answer.But do not overdo it, otherwise an interesting conversation will turn into a monotonous conversation.Sixthly, one should be always cheerful and try to cheer companion, making him smile.Seventh, we must always remember that communication is not a soulless machine, but a real person with his feelings and emotions.Do not leave it unattended messages.