How to train endurance ?

How to train endurance ?
You will need:
  • Healthy sleep
  • Self
  • sober mind
  • Patience
# 1

How to train endurance?Extract - is, above all, your ability to control their behavior, speech, to refrain from acts that are considered superfluous or harmful in these conditions.Will - this is not only the ability to set a goal and achieve it, but also the ability to give up anything when it is needed.Without brakes can be a car, a brake and without exposure may not be, and therefore will.

# 2

You have to control your feelings, behavior, control your mood, avoid aggressive actions.Even in difficult situations, in any case not to lose composure and calmness, as they form a sober mind.You must be hardy and full of patience, how to short-term stimuli, such as toothache, unpleasant sounds, etc.And to the long-term: long waits, routine work, aching pain.

# 3

also to begin to train endurance, you first need a good start to get enough sleep - at least eight to nine hours per day.Since sleep deprivation dramatically increa

ses the likelihood of stress.A consequence of this is a reduction of restraint.

# 4

If you have accumulated anger and aggression, very good way to recycling it can be sports section Boxing, for example.Where will you throw out your negative energy on sports equipment and sparring partners.exposure training requires a lot of patience and self-control.

# 5

First of all, think about what keeps your psychological calmness and equilibrium.Because of what you are most prone to stress, insomnia and psychological disorders.After all, it eventually takes a systematic character and you become aggressive, conflict and unrestrained.

# 6

Awake for themselves.If you always give the work, then a mechanical robot.You live in a world of services and technologies, and not for him.Whatever it was, and no matter how much was loaded with your day, try to relax, at least every two hours to 10 minutes.Go to nature, relax mentally and physically.Remember how gurgling creek, smell the grass, etc.For wildlife very well to relax and gain new energy.

# 7

Divide your fortune into two categories - at home and at work.Everything that happens at work stays within its walls, everything that happens at home, stays there.And these two states should not interfere with each other.Most people leaving work, continue to think about it throughout the evening, and this is reflected in relations with family and friends.

# 8

not cease to work on yourself, if you suddenly notice that your psychological condition deteriorated due to stress, fatigue, quarrels.Try as soon as possible to improve it.It is better to "fix" mentality on the move, rather than wait until it breaks completely.Smile more often, in fact, with a smile on your face, you can overcome all the setbacks and hardships.