Do Need pause in the relationship: psychological advice

Do Need pause in the relationship: psychological advice
You will need:
  • Talk heart to heart
  • Adequate perception
  • Scheduling
# 1

At the beginning of any relationship partners love overshadows their eyes, so they just do not notice the shortcomings of othersother.Over time, this period passes and begin to appear some discontent, reproaches, complaints and so on.Many young couples, faced with these problems first, can not find a way out of this situation and decide to take a break.It seems that this is the only right decision, but if the pause is needed in a relationship?

# 2

Usually it is a kind of STOP signal.For some, it is time to reflect on relationships, on problems on their behavior and so on, but for some it is a way less painful to break off relations.The second option are weak and cowardly people who can not find the courage and strength to admit a partner in his desire to leave.As a general rule, keep the pause in relations both hard.Moreover, for as long as the partners do not communicate with each other, they naturally wean fro

m each other.It is this and enjoyed by many.Leave a partner alone, he gets used to a free life again as pause in the relationship just is not for everyone, and starts to think about the final parting.And the initiator of the so-called pause then provokes him to start a conversation on this subject.As a result, guilty of breaking is not the one who is to blame.

# 3

If a man took a pause in the relationship, his girlfriend do not immediately despair and think that he just wants to keep it this way.Perhaps the man is simply wrong formulated his desire.Most likely, he just wants to relax a little, think a little, to recover, and then go back.To understand this, it is necessary both to just sit down and talk.Try as accurately as possible to understand the desires of each druga.Etim the Council should take, and the man if his girlfriend took a break in the relationship.If both are in need of rest, but they are afraid that the relationship may crumble, the best in this case, a timetable in which to specify the time that they will pay each other, themselves, work, friends, and so on.Then the meeting will become more vivid and welcome, and love and affection stronger.