How to learn to play the piano : tips

How to learn to play the piano : tips
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# 1

Not every person who becomes a keyboard instrument, the nature of the given quickly to learn to wield it.But everyone can do this on their own.However, it will have to spend more than one day of regular classes.At the beginning of the path can be a lot of difficulties, which does not mean a lack of talent.You just need to be patient and to understand how to learn to play the piano.It is best to start training with the teacher.Competent and experienced professionals to quickly explain the basic concepts that will be useful in the future.In addition, people are always more responsible attitude to learning, if someone checks it and can give an objective assessment from the outside.Especially if the teacher takes charge for his work, the student will not relax and will try to surpass their achievements at each subsequent session.

# 2

If the financial ability to learn no charge, and the desire to open up to the creative plan is large, and that is enou

gh.Knowing exactly how to select a piano, and buying it, you can start self-employment.In this case, the aid will come tutorials and lessons online-Internet.Do not immediately rush out and take up the study of the works.First you need to spend some time on the theory: to learn the location of notes on the staff and on the instrument to deal with the duration of notes.Then gradually you can go on playing scales and triads.Exercises should be performed first at a slow pace, gradually increasing the speed.Particular attention should be paid to the position of hands during play and permutation fingers.Each exercise is performed first with one hand, then the other.Only when each arm is free to play, you can start the game with two hands.

# 3

When learning to play the usual piano, one must also know how to adjust the piano.classical instrument mechanism eventually upset that may affect the quality of sound, and even slow down the learning process.After hearing dissonant sounds cut and prevent objectively evaluate the correctness of Song playback.This nuance makes the usual piano less popular, though his sound is still highly valued.However, to date, the classic version of the tool is forced out of its digital counterparts.And the synthesizer may be more convenient for a beginner.It requires no configuration, and are often already contains tutorials by which you can do by yourself.The digital piano how to choose?It is best to consult with the purchase with the seller, not to accidentally buy an expensive professional tool, which also has training programm.Kak the first lesson, and throughout the creative activity highlights are persistence and a positive attitude!After the emotional background is always passed through the tunes!