How to get rid of Suction ?

How to get rid of Suction ?
You will need:
  • Baking soda
  • Ice
  • Toothpaste
  • ointments from bruises
# 1

rare person faced with a hickey.Good night, kissing or active manifestation of the excessive love of the child and on the neck or face flaunts a reddish-blue spot, which gives a lot of inconvenience.Well, if there was a mark on vacation and you can safely wait for her disappearance, but what if you planned an important event or dinner with strict morals parents, and the prospect of a campaign to work with aspirated inspiration does not add.

# 2

In theory, everyone knows how to get rid of Suction is it if the need arises.But when a "love mark" face to face, people often do not know what to do.First of all, you need to understand that a hickey - this is an ordinary bruise, mark caused by blood tissue penetration as when injury.This means that you need to deal with as a conventional aspirated bruise.

# 3

works best advice on how to get rid of Suction immediately after its occurrence.Place with marks should be

actively grind and attach the ice or something cold, such as frozen meat.Well-proven application on aspirated toothpaste, due to local cooling and substances included in the pastes a small bruise will disappear within a couple of hours.Also, get rid of love will help track a mixture of baking soda and water, slurry, apply to problem areas and gently rub.Most likely, hickey does not appear after such manipulations.

# 4

more difficult to get rid of already manifested Suction.Supporters of the popular methods are advised to apply to the marked place of raw potato, onion juice to lubricate the bruise and make a poultice of aloe juice.Using natural ingredients is certainly not harm health, and will help to get rid of traces of a stormy night - a moot point.And you can use the advice of a physician and go through checked.Fast enough to get rid of Suction help special medicinal ointment, intended to deal with bruises, "rescuer", "SinyakOFF", "Troxevasin" and the like.The method and frequency of application will prompt instructions to the drug.

# 5

If none of these solutions work, we can only resort to camouflage.Hickey on the neck, you can hide a lock of hair or a light scarf.Less noticeable bruises on suntanned skin, which means that you can go to a tanning salon or spend time sunbathing.Most men resort to sealing aspirated a small piece of tape, and if too many questions you can always refer to the cuts when shaving.Of course, this recommendation does not suit owners bristle or beard.But best of all, ask the partner to be careful and to be careful and then the question is, how to get rid Suction no longer arise.