How to behave with a married man , so that he fell in love ?

How to behave with a married man , so that he fell in love ?
You will need:
  • Perseverance
  • Perseverance
  • desire to get a man
  • will to win
# 1

Sometimes it happens that a woman as an object of love against his willHe chooses someone else's husband.Well, in this case there are only two ways out: either suffer in silence or to force him to love himself.When a woman is firmly convinced that this man - her fate and the real second half, and got married to another simply because they had not been familiar with it, the logical question arises, how to behave with a married man, so that he fell in love.To do this, there is a small guide consisting of several stages.First step.It is necessary to draw attention.Make it quite capable of every woman, because even if the stamp man never ceases to be a hunter.However, there are small restrictions.

# 2

known that the attention of non-free men to other women is in direct proportion to the time that has elapsed since the wedding.Freshly husbands are usually the most busy loved their wives, so almost do not loo

k at others.In this case, just have to wait, because after a time his wife has become familiar, and look at the men sent to the slender legs of other women.When a wedding date has passed 3 years, you can take it lukewarm.However, there are very persistent husbands who admire his beloved wife and longer.Come across rare items that remain faithful to their wives all life and do not even think to change them.To attract attention zhenatika need to do the same thing as a single man.

# 3

necessary to clean the exterior, to be seductive, feminine dress, but not vulgar.It should be a little flirt and smile as if his mere presence is already making a girl happy.And you do not even have to pretend, because she so in love with him.Second phase.It is necessary to fix the result.When the man noticed and appreciated, the woman can be beautiful stranger working in the next office or living next door.However, this is not enough because you want something more.It should not just smile at the meeting, and to think about the woman constantly seek it by any means and be ready for any act for the sake of one only smile.A woman should be the only one.Here and there are challenges when choosing a solution on how to behave with a man, so that he fell in love.

# 4

At this point, the time comes to meet you, if familiarity has not yet taken place.To do this, you need to find a way to speak.It all depends on the situation.It is important to find some common interests.Third stage.We need to develop a positive reaction.When the introduction has already taken place, and the communication began, everything should be done to a man admired woman and wanted to see her all the time.You should see a conditioned reflex.In other words, at the sight of the girl, he must immediately experience a lot of positive emotions.In this case, you should give a married man what he is not at home - a novelty.He knows his wife for a long time and had time to study it thoroughly, without waiting for the new, while pretty familiar - this is something new and almost unknown, which greatly attracts.

# 5

- compliments and praise.The mistake many women is that they rarely praise the men and take them and their actions for granted.Here untilled field for action.We must admire his business skills, energy, and intelligence (if the man is a counterpart).When dealing with the subject of dreams in the gym, you need to go into raptures of his beautiful body and masculinity.- Sex.According to some studies and national experience, after several years of marriage, the quality and quantity of sexual relations is reduced in comparison with the period of the birth of relations.That is why the appearance of a seductive girl next to the heart can cause men a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions.It remains only to escalate the passion.It is necessary to ensure that a man literally consumed by his desire Expander.

# 6

However, it is should not be able to implement it.It is not worth making a clear allusion to sex.Recommended float hidden tricks: random touching, exciting gesture.You can run your hand through his hair, stretch, lift "accidentally" fallen object.While sex is an essential aspect of life, in addition to this it is necessary to become a good conversationalist, and actively participate in the life of the object, finding common cause.The easiest way to do this, of course, work.In any case, you should try to spend with them as much time as possible to become necessary and even indispensable.The fourth stage.It's time to keep your distance.When it became clear that the man has matured and is about to pounce, tearing the clothes of passion, you need to step back a little earlier.

# 7

After all, in fact, there were no promises.This time is necessary to ensure that he was able to see how bad it is now without a chaperon.In the case when the previous steps were carried out at the proper level, it is required to understand the man.The fifth stage.It's time to win opponent.Finally, everything has happened.The man wants to spend time alone with a new passion and as diverse as possible, but there is a circumstance which prevents constantly be together - his wife.In the early stages it is not necessary to talk about it with the beloved, and certainly something wrong.It is necessary to make it clear to him that the right is only at her, she lawful wife, so the man should stay with her.When he realizes that the mistress pushes it back to the boring wife, then immediately realize who he really needed.