How to make a good first impression?

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You will need:
  • Good appearance
  • be a great listener
  • refuse to prove his innocence
  • build his speech correctly and succinctly
# 1

first impression because andIt called that second chance to make it happen is not.To got the initial idea about us from an unknown person, equivalent, and vice versa, rather just the first ten seconds.First of all, you must have a fitting appearance.This does not mean that your clothes should be only expensive and proprietary.Simply have a clean and neat things, chosen with taste.

# 2

In a conversation with the person you need to let him know that it was he, not you, is the central figure of the conversation.Therefore it is better to listen more than talk.But very silent, of course, is not necessary.Always remember that people are constantly telling only about themselves and not giving insert another, no interest in the conversation, but rather gives rise to a desire to avoid communicating with him in the future.

# 3

How to make a good first impression?Establish yourself as an excellent listener.That's right, too, need to be able to listen to!First of all, you must always maintain eye contact with your interlocutor.The conversation did not forget to insert a variety of cues that are suitable within the meaning of.For example: "I wonder", "What do you plan to do," "Can not be," and so on.

# 4

In a conversation, try to use the name and surname of your new companion often as possible.A particularly excellent effect generate pronunciation of the name a few times in the beginning of the conversation.So the conversation will be more personal.It is necessary to be extremely cautious with a sense of humor.Given that in front of you is absolutely unknown to you people reliably predict his reaction to the joke will not work.

# 5

Maybe it will make your communication more simple and not as an official, and possibly a manifestation of the reverse reaction.After all, you do not know the level of "sensitivity" of the new acquaintance.How to make a good impression during the interview?Pre refuse to prove his innocence in this or that issue, even if for you it is a very fundamental thing.Prove something you probably can not prove, but to destroy the relationship has not yet built - it easily.

# 6

better to wait until the moment of occurrence between you closer and confidential communication, and then return to the contentious issue and explain its position.Your speech during a conversation must be clear and convincing.The first impression is very dependent on the manner of communication and from his style.The way chosen and presented to the words, you can judge human intelligence, his education, upbringing, and even some of his character traits.