How to talk with a person on the truth?

How to talk with a person on the truth?
You will need:
  • Observation
  • Possession reception "Empathy"
  • Possession taking "active listening"
# 1

to get the truth from the source, you can use active and passive equipmentcommunication that will recognize elements of lies and understand how to act properly in this situation, to become the owner of the important information.Sometimes observation of the facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor will allow to guess that the person does not finish in communication.

# 2

most effective way of solving the problem, as the conversation, the sides will use to it "empathy."In other words, you need to fully get used to the other person to feel "in its place."It is to his motives, not appreciating and giving "labels".Then we can expect that the other person is completely open, and will not hide important information.Empathy and compassion - are the things that should be learned.

# 3

only successfully solving the problem of how to be interesting to talk to anyone, you can count

on the fact that the truth will eventually be told without question from the opposite side.During a call, there is innuendo, people avoid eye contact, clamped, it is not necessary to convict him in his conjectures directly.Experts recommend to ask as many probing and clarifying questions, with which you can achieve the truth.

# 4

Besides empathy, there is another way how to win the interlocutor.It consists in the application of techniques of active listening, which is necessary to respond to all statements referring to all information with care.At the same time express their position should be as much as a friendly form, are the most compelling reasons and emphasizing the positive aspects of the interlocutor opinion.Establish a productive interaction, it is possible to understand what to expect from the contact.

# 5

main rule in the procedure "how to listen to the interlocutor right" becomes the ultimate level of attention.It allows time to understand what the other person is waiting for - equal dialogue or wants to subjugate.Having defined the basic direction of the conversation, you can try to change it in the right direction, without excessive pressure.In order to master all the subtleties of dialogue, you must take the time to practice.

# 6

question may arise as to find a buddy to exercise, you may have to play the situation on the psychological training or with an imaginary person.In an extreme case, you can directly declare that the opponent is lying, and watch the reaction.If he starts to go on the answer and "hide your eyes", it is possible - this assumption is true, but in some cases, so behave shy people.