How to awaken Man : pleasant awakening

How to awaken Man : pleasant awakening
You will need:
  • water
  • pen
  • little imagination
  • delicious breakfast
  • humorous
# 1

First of all, it is worth noting that if you have an idea to wake a Manimpressive and beautiful, it is necessary to have a pre-alarm, to have time to prepare.But the call should not be too loud.It should wake up a girl, and the young man awakened a little later, with the filing of its partner.By the way, it is better to clean up, the guy was able to witness a fresh and well-groomed face, not sleepy and swollen.

# 2

If you want to learn how to awaken the guy to do it, in principle, can be a variety of ways.For example, a young man will certainly be pleased if the other half will wake him breakfast in bed.What can you offer for breakfast?It can be a simple sandwich, fried eggs or pancakes.But it is important everything is beautiful place on a platter and garnish with the guy realized that trying for it, appreciate it and started the day with such a wonderful event.

# 3

wake Man, of course, is not s

o hard as to wake the child.But still you need to try a little bit.If a young person has a great sense of humor, you can come up with some kind of joke.For example, you can tell that the door awaiting a president who wants to entrust a very important task.It will be appropriate and such a phrase: "Wake up, Your Majesty, today you expect great things!" The guy must assess such originality.

# 4

Many people want to know how to wake up the girl or guy.The following method is suitable for couples in which love reigns.You can sit on the edge of the young man's bed, whispering in his ear something very gentle, affectionate and intimate.Then skip to easy to massage the shoulders, with a gradual transition to the back and below.Any guy would be just delighted with such a pleasant awakening.But this method is appropriate, if there is time to spare before going to work (after all, hardly limited to all massages and kisses).

# 5

certainly wake boyfriend or husband as difficult as to wake his wife.After all, everyone loves to sleep, particularly sutra.For desperate persons will approach this way.If the house lives a pet, you can tell that he ate the shoes of a young man.You can also tell that the guy has slept, and for 15 minutes ringing the evil boss.It should work, but the awakening will not be very pleasant.The main time to say that it was a joke (and it is best to hide somewhere).

# 6

How to wake up a loved one if he does not want to wake up, so as not to annoy him?You can take a feather and tickle him in the nose of a young man.You can also tickle and other parts of the body (abdomen, legs).Also, there is an option to take a glass of water and slowly drip on the guy.He would wake up, but it is likely to be angry.So it is better to retreat after waking up, or the young man said that on the table waiting for him a delicious breakfast.