Women's tips : how to get a loved one ?

You will need:
  • desire to return a loved
  • Patience
# 1

before starting active steps for the return of a loved one need to decide for yourself whether it is really necessary and if possible.So, if the relationship was nervous, and had to endure the humiliation and insults, then why again back to all of this?And if your favorite went to another, spitting into the soul, it is unlikely that this will be able to forget, even if he comes back.

# 2

Yet, if it is decided to return the second half, then do it will help advice on how to return the beloved.One of them is that you need to stop communicating.Yes Yes exactly.If bored and constantly remind yourself, the opposite effect can be achieved simply sick of the second half of the former.And the psychology of men is that they need to win the fairer sex.

# 3

not need to show their feelings.Many will consider this advice absurd, but it is useful.It's all about the male logic and psychology.This male is not like the tears and snot.And who

like to wallow in tears and in the legs with declarations of love lady.Nobody.By the way, this advice will help you understand how to return her husband.Psychologist's advice, contain a lot of information about what feelings on display - not the best option.

# 4

Another trick.We need to make sure that the former favorite forgotten at home in an abandoned woman some important thing.This is - another reason for the meeting.And to such impromptu rendezvous girl who wants to bring a loved one needs to prepare thoroughly.Sometimes these women's tricks, half-mast as a strap, a bare hip or sexy gown work.

# 5

necessary to get rid of bad habits and become ideal for the former.How to quit smoking?Tips experienced people to help.How to stop biting his nails?You can make a stunning manicure.In general, the lady should be that of which the man who threw it, could only dream of.And he'll be sorry for what he had done, and certainly he will attempt to return everything.

# 6

also need to change internally and externally.Wardrobe, hairstyle, figure, make-up - everything has to be different, new and unusual.This may allow the girl to fall in love with the former a man again.After this he did not know it yet, and therefore, it will certainly be interesting to find out.And do not forget about the behavior, habits.After all, a new shell requires a different content.Many girls who followed this advice could not simply return relationship, and just start them again!By the way, if you want to learn how to become a bitch, tips boil down to what you need to live for themselves and be independent.Such women like much.

# 7

7.And last, but very important piece of advice.We need to be happy!Seeing the spark in the eyes of the former passion, surely man is surprised and wants to share that happiness.If a girl will live happily, the young man will understand that it will not be his "cut" or beg to come back.And it can hurt so much that flash of jealousy, which very often leads to the reunification of steam.