How to change the garden when you move ?

How to change the garden when you move ?
You will need:
  • Help from the education department to visit DOW
  • Voucher-direction to a new Dow
  • Certificate of passing the medical commission
  • a health certificate from a pediatrician
# 1

reasons to change the kindergarten, there may be many - changing family residence, new job mother or child transfer to a specialized institution of the garden whether located in the immediate vicinity of the house (where the vacant seat).Whatever the reason, the state provides legal grounds and child transfer path.

# 2

main condition for the task - how to change the garden when moving, is to get tickets, directions to the new preschool, which gives the commission dealing with staffing groups.Also, the new garden should be free space.It only means that you need to pick up from the old garden instruments to collect documents and to write a statement in the new preschool, undergo a medical examination.

# 3

If there is a place in the garden, the procedure is more complicated than how to pack the d

ishes when moving, or have to wait for a place at a time.Most often, the translation process is simple - with the documents from the old garden and a certificate from the pediatric health clinic to come in preschool, then make money (the parent fee) and Weekdays start a new garden.

# 4

experts can advise as to facilitate the move.In theory, you just need to write in the conflict commission statement translated into another garden, from there for a month (maximum), receives a message about the free space in the three gardens, which are located close to the new place of residence.You may need a certificate that the child previously attended preschool.

# 5

But not always enough to answer the question - how to start moving soon.The most common problems arise when it turns out that in the new place of residence free places in kindergartens is not observed and is not expected for several more years, as every city has electronic queue, according to which the children are distributed around the gardens when there are freespace.

# 6

In this case, there is a way, finding that you can begin to address the problem of how to pack furniture when moving.You can start searching for those parents who wish to transfer their child is in the kindergarten, in which a child is in need of a new garden in another city or district.In this case, parents can exchange the vouchers, so as not to experience difficulties in the queue waiting.Of course, it is possible to transfer the child to a nearby private kindergarten, but it is not very cost-effective option, although in extreme cases can be considered it.