How to awaken the person on the phone ?

How to awaken the person on the phone ?
You will need:
  • Son of man.
  • Social Service, or to wake up the phone.
# 1

dream - it is a natural process that is common to all mammals.During sleep, the body rests.There are slow and fast dreams, waking phases differ in them.If a person wakes up alone, he feels rested.However, most often have to get up much earlier, hurrying to work or school.However, not all can wake up themselves, the alarm will ignore or simply do not hear.Some ask their friends to help them wake up.

# 2

So, how to awaken the person on the phone?There is a very convenient service - Social Service.There is even a slogan that the Social Service will wake each.The system works as follows: a person leaves a computer database your phone number and the time in which it needs to wake up.Wakes anyone recorded in the database by calling the appointed time.If there are none - automatic calling and sleep well, it did not work.

# 3

For the younger population is important is another question - how to wake my mother?Ways abo

und!You can publish a loud one and the same sound, push in the same part of the body.But it should be done is not much, since a sharp awakening of violent causes in the human stress.Any child will be enough imagination to wake my mother.Children can publish any sound or something to drop, and my mother immediately comes to life.

# 4

On the contrary, the very mother must be very careful in that regard as to wake the newborn.Doctors are advised to wake up in the newborn period, the so-called shallow sleep when the eyelids are opened slightly, and the eyeballs moving.Then grudnichka move his arms and legs, as in this period, the face appears facial expressions.There should be a soft ambient lighting in the room.The child can tickle your heels, chin or cheeks.It's okay if a child then immediately falls asleep.

# 5

Another important issue for children - how to wake dad?Here it is more complicated than in the case of the mother.Men during sleep less responsive to external stimuli.An effective way - fold a blanket, especially it helps when the house is cold.You can make anything cool to the eyes.Ate the Pope was able to wake up, but he fell asleep again, it is possible to drink the lemon juice diluted with water.The easiest way - to ask my mother to wake Dad.

# 6

There is also practical advice for women on how to wake her husband.You can quietly tell their half, that calls his boss.Or that the dog ruined his new shoes.Or a joke that the mother-in-law came to visit.There is one simple way - blowing down blankets.Ways whole lot, it all depends on the imagination of his wife.The main thing to remember that dream - it's health, it is an important part of life.Very interrupt it must be only in case of emergency.And in its legal holiday, everyone has the right to rest.